10 Benefits for Day Use Lockers

Here is why these lockers are the perfect solution for flexible spaces.

As more and more places turn to flexible furniture and fixtures to get more use out of their space, there is still a need for storage for personal items. Office spaces are becoming more open and flexible and leaving assigned workspaces to the past.

1. Security

With a variety of lock options along with a heavy-duty steel frame, Spacesaver’s Day Use Lockers give employees and visitors peace of mind that their personal items are kept safe and secure.

2. Convenience

Visitors and employees can reserve a locker as needed, allowing them to move freely in the area. Additionally, the lockers are user friendly and reliable for years.

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3. Touchless Locks

Cleanliness and convenience are two reasons to use touchless technology in lockers. RFID-enabled locks open with a badge swipe or wristband swipe, eliminating the need for physical keys.

See how a spa transformed their guest experience with touchless technology.

4. Easy Cleaning

Spacesaver’s steel products can be finished with antimicrobial paint that inhibit the spread of germs. They are also easy to wipe down and sanitize between uses.

5. Customizable Lockers

Our office locker storage solutions come in a wide variety of configurations, types, and sizes, and colors.

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6. Space-saving

With our office lockers, there is no need for places like permanent desks, office spaces, or extra rooms. Day Use Lockers can also be counter-height serving as both workspace and storage.

See how this NYC office incorporated employee storage into their activity-based workplace.

7. Time-saving Storage

With the self-serve options for office storage lockers, there is no need for visitors, staff, or guests to seek assistance to utilize the lockers.

8. Tech-powered

Since Spacesaver Day Use Lockers can also include smart technology, with the ability to integrate with your company’s system, creating a simpler and convenient way to keep track of the lockers’ use.

9. Automated Locker Sensors

Smart technology can alert the locker user via email or text message with package sensors.

10. Flexible Work Environments

Not only do employee office lockers provide a solution to create a more flexible space, but they are also reconfigurable should your location or needs change.

Go behind the scenes to see how this modular office space takes advantage of this benefit.

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Need a storage solution for visitors or employees?

We understand that innovative workplaces boost employee engagement and productivity. That’s why we work with architects, designers, and our clients to design office lockers that are as attractive as they are practical. As you begin designing a new or renovated office, contact us to request a free space assessment and learn more about your options.

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