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Even during times of rapid and unpredictable change, some things – like the desire to engage, collaborate, and create workplaces that foster focus and achievement – stay the same.

mechanical assist shelving system holding binders and office supplies
office with Spacesaver powered mobile system and custom graphics
workspace with mechanical assist mobile system and drawers
office powered mobile system with woodgrain end panels
mechanical assist shelving system holding office supplies

More than a half-century ago, Spacesaver revolutionized office design with the introduction of high-density mobile shelving. Since then, our goal has been to design and manufacture high-quality products that maximize space, save energy, and increase productivity.

Our innovative solutions allow businesses to conveniently store crucial items in less space. Storage options including preservation cabinets, High-Density Mobile Systems, and even evidence storage lockers help create organized and secure spaces, while also freeing space for additional staff, meeting areas, and collaboration.

office workspace with mechanical assist mobile system holding office materials

Timeless Flexibility

Spacesaver’s High-Density Mobile Shelving revolutionized offices with its ability to store everything from paper files to X-rays in half the footprint. Though the demand for what these systems were originally designed for has diminished, there is still a need to optimize space. Spacesaver’s 4-Post Shelving systems are flexible enough to store everything from office supplies to legal documents to equipment and more.

powered mobile shelving in law office behind a cubicle
law library powered mobile system holding expanding folders and books
law office with mobile shelving system storing books and magazines

Creating Collaborative Workspaces with Smart Filing Storage Solutions

Law Firm Filing System

The right filing system can not only help your law firm stay organized and efficient by keeping case files close at hand, but it can also assist in freeing space for more people. Point-of-use storage and custom cabinets allow you to keep all your important case files and documents available for quick reference.

“Storage and access are critical for law firms because we are what we create. Every law firm has to find a way to most efficiently and most effectively store their data.”

– David McDivitt, Vice President

Making Room for the Past, Present, & Future

Spacesaver’s high-density mobile shelving moves along rail systems to eliminate fixed aisles and wasted space. Designed to adapt to both stationary and mobile storage applications, Spacesaver shelving offers you a comprehensive range of options and storage accessories to meet your specific needs and accommodate a wide array of media formats. By organizing your reference collections with our customized, compact law library storage systems, your firm can gain space and create a functional and versatile office environment.

powered mobile system behind a row of desks
University Law Library

More than 50 years of expansions at this law library resulted in a confused visual identity. A new addition not only needed to provide additional space for library collections, students, and faculty, it also needed to create a refreshed identity for the prestigious law school. The additional height of the compact shelving gives the library room to accommodate future growth.

Remote Work & Hoteling

The concept of remote work was brought to the forefront with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the idea of workers not having a permanent desk is not a new concept. Hoteling has continually been on the rise and, with certain positions, has been common practice for many years. Whether it be a traveling salesperson, a visiting partner, or a hybrid employee, the issue of where they can safely store their personal items while in the office is the same.

office day use locker wall
employee z locker coat cabinet
open office day use employee lockers
hot desking secure personal storage lockers

Day Use Lockers optimize form and function, providing secure storage for personal items inside a customizable and reconfigurable design. Modular sizes and a variety of finishes and locking options ensure a perfect fit for any space, and the sturdy steel locker frames can be moved or reconfigured to accommodate flexible work schedules and untethered employees.

office movable wall storage

Access to Local Experts

Having the right solution to a problem makes a big difference, but knowing how to implement that solution makes all the difference. Spacesaver has a network of local experts who are available for free space assessments. These experts – combined with our engineering and manufacturing teams – can ensure that you have a place for everything in a smaller footprint.