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Spacesaver and the AIC Virtual Conference

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The American Institute of Conservation Annual Conference provides an excellent opportunity for conservators to share ideas, learn best practices, and network with peers. Spacesaver has supported the event for years and we’re proud to support AIC and the conservation community.

With the 2020 AIC Annual Conference being virtual this year, we unfortunately can’t meet in person, but we’re staying involved in this year’s AIC Virtual Conference through our pre-recorded Exhibitor Meet and Greets. For your convenience, we’ve included our Meet and Greet here to show how you can protect collections and optimize storage space.

Protecting & Preserving Collections

We understand that in this new reality, museum staff are being asked to do more with less. But your collections’ needs remain the same: you still need to create and maintain the best possible preservation environment for the objects in your care.

Learn how to make the most of the space you have:

  • Save space and protect collections
  • Streamline your workspace
  • Reduce resource use

Save Space

Optimize space by creating the best preservation environment for your collections and a more streamlined workplace for you and your colleagues while also reducing resource use.

compactor system museum moveable shelving systems

conservation museum cabinets

Prepare for the Future

We understand that you can never predict how collections will grow and change over time. That’s why we offer versatile preservation cabinets that give you the modularity you need to easily adapt to changes in collections in the future.

Store Oversized Objects

Storing extra-large items poses special challenges. We offer a variety of solutions, from widespan shelving to heavy-duty compact mobile systems, to store oversized specimens, artifacts, and other objects.

oversize heavy-duty collection conservation storage

Meet the Conservation Storage Experts

Although we can’t meet you in person at the AIC conference this summer, we’d still like to get in touch. Through our customizable approaches to preserving and protecting collections, we offer transformative solutions for museums. Contact us to learn more about your options. We can help you think through the possibilities, save space, and promote best practices for collections care.

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