Spacesaver Featured in Business of Furniture Magazine

Spacesaver Featured in International Furniture Magazine

Cover story emphasizes Spacesaver’s flexibility and growth.

We were excited to be featured in the cover story in a recent edition of Business of Furniture magazine, a trade publication focusing on contract furnishing trends and news. The article highlights how we transformed from a company focused primarily on paper storage into a firm that manufactures storage solutions for everything from cannabis plants to military weapons to museum artifacts.

“The company is thriving, a perfect example of how to adjust to the market — and seek out new ones,” the article states. The author, Rob Kirkbride, illustrates his point by focusing primarily on our products for the indoor agriculture market, including the commercial cannabis niche. By eliminating wasted aisle space and providing multiple tiers of growing space, our GROW Mobile Systems allow indoor farmers to grow more plants in limited, climate-controlled space.

The article is visually impressive as well, featuring full-page photos of our installations throughout North America. Readers are taken on a whirlwind tour of the Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center at the University of Oregon, a California cannabis growing facility, an Ohio museum, a weapons room on a military base, and more.

Best of all, readers get a glimpse inside our 300,000 square-foot factory in Wisconsin, where skilled manufacturing professionals build custom storage solutions for clients.

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