High-Density Drug Storage in Pharmacies

Storing more drugs and supplies in less space.

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Space is always at a premium in hospitals, and regulations for hazardous drug storage have created an even greater space crunch in hospitals’ inpatient pharmacies. These pharmacies are usually “landlocked” inside hospitals with no room to expand.

Although every pharmacy is different, Spacesaver products are typically used in two areas: they store hazardous drugs efficiently and securely in the new rooms that must be constructed to bring inpatient pharmacies into compliance with USP 800 regulations, and they also help recover space that was lost elsewhere in the pharmacies when these rooms were constructed.

pharmacy drug storage solutions

As inpatient pharmacies remodel to comply with new hazardous drug storage regulations, Spacesaver’s high-density storage systems help optimize space while still keeping medications and supplies organized and secure.

pharmacy secure drug storage solutions

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Spacesaver systems are ideally suited to pharmacies’ needs for efficiency, organization, and security. The systems can be installed on top of existing floors and can optimize space horizontally and vertically in small spaces or large rooms. To help protect fragile glass bottles and vials, powered systems have a soft-start and soft-stop feature. This can be combined with shelf dividers, bins and bin fronts, and anti-tip rail for even more shock protection. Systems can also be locked to prevent unauthorized access.

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