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Storing 3D Artifacts in a Museum

Nantucket Trays and Drawers save space, save money, and keep museum collections accessible.

June 21st, 2021 - less than a minute read

The Challenge
Optimize Collections Storage Space

The planning team for a new science and technology museum needed to optimize space and ensure that collections would be protected and accessible. Traditional cabinets often come in standard heights, with empty space above them in tall-ceilinged rooms. With tens of thousands of 3D museum objects to store, wasting space wasn’t an option in this facility.

The Solution
Nantucket Drawers & Trays

The planning team found that one of the most efficient solutions was using Spacesaver’s Nantucket Trays and Drawers on 4-Post shelving and extra-wide trays on RaptorRAC® Widespan Shelving.

The units were mounted on high-density mobile systems to save even more space.

museum flat file shelving system
museum flat file shelving system

The design team chose Spacesaver as their single provider for storage solutions throughout the facility.

The Result
Saved Space, Saved Money & Improved Accessibily

The system not only saved space; staff were relieved to find that the space-saving solution also improved their ability to find, retrieve, and study stored objects. “We can’t believe how easy it is to find pieces now,” said the collections manager. “And the drawer units are so accessible: you can pull them out and the piece is right in front of you.

The new collections storage spaces have an expansive, open feel, with plenty of room to study objects right where they’re stored. “The sheer amount of space in the drawer-and-shelving units is truly impressive,” he said. “I can’t even tell you how much space we’ve saved.”

On top of all the other benefits, the trays and drawers saved money, too. “Converting from our old map cabinets to the drawer units was both a space savings and a major cost savings,” said the collections manager.

Connect with the Experts in Storing 3D Artifacts

Contact us to get connected to your local Spacesaver representative, who can assess your museum collections storage space, explain your options, and offer space planning insights gained from our 50 years in business.

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