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University Lab Shelving for Supply Storage

Protect Students and Equipment with High-Density Lab Shelving

April 16th, 2019 - less than a minute read

Protect Students and Equipment with High-Density Lab Shelving

Space on campus is always in high demand, and storage for science labs is particularly challenging. Labs need to provide plenty of space for students and researchers to work, while also storing equipment and materials like fragile glassware and electronics, combustible fuel, and potentially hazardous chemicals.

A Spacesaver compact shelving system with “storefront” shelving can help provide quick access to frequently-used items with greater capacity in the storage room or lab shelving area. Our lab shelving systems move with the touch of a button for aisle access while doubling storage capacity. The soft-stop option keeps fragile equipment safe and accessible.

Lab Shelving with Quick Access to Frequently Used Items

The design team for this new science education building wanted to provide a quick way for instructors and assistants to get laboratory supplies and equipment. They had limited storage space to work with, so they called in the local Spacesaver consultant. He designed high-density mobile systems with open shelves at the ends for storing the most frequently accessed items, like glassware and other lab supplies and equipment. Now professors and instructors can quickly find what they need and get back to teaching and planning.

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Lab Shelving for Chemical Storage

Chemical storage in university science labs can be a hazard if the fumes and conditions aren’t handled correctly. Our lab shelving can be fitted with locking doors to promote safety and visibility, while louvered vents and HVAC integration improve ventilation. These cabinets can be included within Spacesaver high-density shelving systems to minimize your storage footprint and make more room for student workspaces.

  • Increase Storage Capacity
  • Promote Ventilation & Security
  • See Items in Storage

Equipment & Research Collection Storage Cabinets

Museum-quality preservation cabinets are great for storing any type of lab equipment, big or small, to protect your investment and keep equipment organized and accessible. Cabinets can be customized with interior accessories and can even be integrated with temperature and ventilation control to help preserve chemicals and other sensitive materials. Cabinets can be integrated into a high-density lab shelving system to increase storage capacity and free up space for work tables or other uses.

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Download the Campus Laboratory Storage Info Sheet

Practical Ideas for Any Educational Lab

Create a safe and highly functional learning environment with our customizable university lab shelving options. Our consultants can share ideas to help you combine cabinets and shelving with work table tops, drawers, doors, and high-density shelving systems to create a laboratory storage solution that’s designed for your unique needs.

Connect with our space planning experts or discover more campus storage solutions.

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