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Ventilated Laboratory Cabinets for Pharmaceutical R&D

Optimizing space and maintaining a safe, clean laboratory environment.

October 22nd, 2020 - less than a minute read

This confidential client was building a new pharmaceutical research and development laboratory on a campus of multiple buildings. Staff worked with a team of architects to design all aspects of the new lab, and one crucial component was storing chemical reagents in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

The Challenge

The project design team knew that storage would play just as crucial a role in the lab’s safe and efficient operation as other lab furniture and equipment. They still hoped to minimize the space needed for storage, though, because space designated for storage is space that could be used for experimental work, offices, or other uses.

The design team had three main requirements for the storage cabinets:

  • Provide ventilation (prescribed number of air exchanges per hour)
  • Provide visibility to stored items to streamline workflows
  • Occupy the least amount of space possible

The architects had worked with the local Spacesaver consultant on other laboratory storage projects in the past, so they called on him again to advise on the project.


The ventilated cabinets are placed on Spacesaver high-density mobile storage systems to store more reagents in less space.

Learn how easy it is to add doors to your shelving.

The Solution

The local Spacesaver consultant worked with Spacesaver’s in-house engineering team to design “cabinets” that were actually 4-Post shelving units with framed doors. The glass doors provide visibility to promote efficient retrieval and inventory.

The cabinets are connected to the building’s HVAC system via a ventilation system at the top of each cabinet. The flexible ductwork draws air up and into the cabinets via perforated panels at the cabinets’ bases. The architect specified the amount of perforation required to ensure proper airflow, and Spacesaver’s engineers and manufacturing teams designed and built the panels to those specifications.

The Result

The result is a compact, efficient system that keeps stored pharmaceutical chemicals organized while also keeping the lab clean and protecting staff from potentially harmful fumes.

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