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High-density Weapon Storage in a Military Armory

Reducing footprint and improving efficiency on an Air Force base

November 9th, 2020 - less than a minute read

A Spacesaver high-density storage system securely stores weapons and improves efficiency at this military armory, while also freeing up valuable floor space for maintenance and repair work.

The Challenge

Security forces at this base are issued weapons and communications gear at the beginning of every shift, and they turn it back in to the armory when their shift is over. Maintaining an efficient workflow is key because a lot of gear goes into and out of the armory several times a day, and every minute that airmen spend waiting for gear is a minute wasted.

The arms room was cramped and crowded, with weapons storage on stationary shelving taking up most of the floorspace. The aisles were so narrow that only one armorer at a time could retrieve or replace weapons, which resulted in longer wait times.

In addition, the armorers knew that lives could depend on keeping the weapons in good working order, but they had to perform repairs on cramped, crowded tables in a corner of the armory. They needed more space to be able to work comfortably and efficiently.

The Solution

Adding more square footage wasn’t an option, so the armorers called in the local Spacesaver consultant to optimize the available space. He visited the military base to assess the space in the armory and understand the armorers’ needs. Then he worked with them to transform the room. Together they designed a high-density storage system that would securely store weapons and improve efficiency while also freeing up valuable floor space for maintenance and repair work.

The system consists of four mobile carriages that move along rails to eliminate wasted space. Spacesaver’s Universal® Weapons Racks were installed on the carriages, and “store front” 4-Post shelving was installed to hold clips at the end of each carriage, just steps away from the service counter. The aisles are 44” wide, allowing multiple armorers to work at the same time.

secure military weapon storage

Weapon racks on sliding shelves save space in the arms room while also keeping weapons organized, secure, and accessible.

military weapon armory storage system

The Result

The Spacesaver solution saves space and saves time, while still maintaining security:

  • Weapons are kept under lock and key in secure weapon racks.
  • Armorers can easily access clips via the open “storefront” shelving near the service counter.
  • The system freed up workspace for maintenance and repairs.
  • In case of emergency, armorers can open the entire system so they can quickly access every aisle at once.

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