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Preserving the Past and Preparing for the Future

Spacesaver helps a growing university transform its main library and special collections storage
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Growing Enrollment, Growing Collections

Texas State University has been growing rapidly over the past decade. “Roughly five years ago, space was becoming an issue,” said Joan Heath, Associate Vice President and University Librarian. “That was not only because we needed to support more students and faculty on campus, but also because our collections were growing.”

In addition to space pressures from enrollment growth and special collections storage, the library system’s leadership recognized that students and faculty expect libraries to provide modern amenities. “Aside from more space, we knew we needed to have new kinds of spaces in the library, whether it was for group work, collaborative work, or new technology spaces.”

Documents and books stored on Spacesaver High-Bay stacks in off-site storage
"Aside from more space, we knew we needed to have new kinds of spaces in the library, whether it was for group work, collaborative work, or new technology spaces."

- Joan Heath, Associate Vice President and University Librarian.

Download Our Case Study About Texas State University

Get the complete case study here: Learn how Texas State University created optimal preservation environments for special collections storage while also freeing up space on campus for innovative library spaces.

A Phased Approach

The university partnered with Perry Dean Moore Architects out of Boston to develop a feasibility study, which was a conceptual plan and a cost estimate for a phased approach to achieving the library’s goals.

A key component to the entire project was the Archives and Research Center, a new off-site facility just a few miles from campus. “An important step in the overall renovation plan was to build the Archives and Research Center fairly early in the process,” Heath said. “Rather than adding a floor or extending out the Alkek Library or expanding in some other way, the decision was made to build the facility and move a significant part of the collections.”

The planning and design team visited similar facilities at the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M, and Spacesaver was selected as the shelving and storage supplier.

Boxes of documents and books on spacesaver high-bay storage systems

Establishing Three Environments

Because the off-site collections preservation facility houses different kinds of materials, the facility was designed to maintain separate preservation environments in addition to comfortable workspaces for staff. Download the full case study to get the details.

Floor mounted art racks on the same track as some mechanical assist carriages

Arts and Artifact Room

This room houses three-dimensional objects from the university archives in Spacesaver compact shelving, as well as hanging art on Spacesaver art racks.

Aisle of high-bay installation holding boxes of books and files in an off-site facility

High Pile Room

This massive room stores books, journals, and other materials on a Spacesaver XTend® High-Bay Shelving System, and an additional Spacesaver shelving unit houses boxed materials from the university archives.

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Study Rooms and Administration Areas

The facility features a study area, offices, and material processing areas, which are kept at comfortable temperatures and humidity levels for the people working there.

Another Library

The facility opened in late 2017 and offers a variety of services. Patrons on campus can request scans or volumes, and staff make daily deliveries to campus. Patrons can also visit the facility to do research and view or collect checked out items from any University Libraries facility.

Two people on a lift in between two high-bay shelving stacks
“Our attitude is that this is another library for the university…We don’t view this as just a storage space. The intention is for people to feel that they can choose to come out here and do their work.”

Let’s Get Started on Your Project

Spacesaver’s project managers can help with all aspects of planning and implementing an off-site collections storage facility, including integrating special collections storage products like art racks, flat file cabinets, and perforated shelving with high-bay shelving.

Our in-house engineering and project management teams work with your local distributor to offer years of experience and unparalleled expertise in off-site collections storage facility design. We look forward to meeting you and working with you on your project.