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After 25 years of reliable operation, the Spacesaver electronics at this prestigious university needed an update. Spacesaver made it easy to refresh the libraries’ investment in powered mobile shelving while also saving time and money.
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Helping Students, Faculty, & Staff Access Materials Quickly & Easily

This prestigious university is known for making the educational experience as positive as possible for students. One important aspect of that commitment is providing prompt access to printed materials throughout its library system.

Updating Legacy Spacesaver Electronics to Modern Standards

The university opted to update the systems with Spacesaver’s Eclipse electronic system with Touch Technology™ Control. That’s because they knew the investment would significantly extend the life of the university’s Spacesaver system at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new system, and the streamlined conversion process would minimize downtime and disruption.

Over the course of a few weeks, the main library’s aging electronics were updated to a new, state-of-the-art system. The process was simple. Staff didn’t need to hire a moving company or box and remove all the books on the shelves. Only the books behind the electronic panels needed to be removed, and every day the technicians told the librarians which panels would need to be exposed for the next day’s work. Then the librarians boxed the books and set them nearby, and the technicians replaced the electronic components.

touch screens on three stacks of a powered mobile shelving
touch screen on powered mobile shelving system
Person holding phone with the TUSC control app and powered mobile shelves behind

An Intuitive Interface

The new system features a control interface that’s more intuitive for students who are familiar with LCD touchscreen “swipe” technology, and the controls have been shown to dramatically reduce the time that staff need to spend explaining how to use the system. The system also allows users to open and close aisles via an app on their mobile devices.

high-density mobile storage system holding books
"Our powered shelving system was installed when the building was built, about 25 years ago. We have five floors of powered systems, two of which are accessed multiple times every day. The systems have only needed routine maintenance over the years."

- Law School Librarian

powered mobile shelving system holding many books

Repeat Performance

Three years after updating the main library’s systems, Spacesaver technicians returned to campus to update the electronics in the law school library. Conversion processes in both libraries were scheduled for the summer months, when most classes were not in session, and the conversions went smoothly and were finished on time. The local Spacesaver representative visited the site after installation was complete to review the warranty and train the client on the new systems’ operation.

The new electronics refreshed the libraries’ investment in powered mobile shelving while also saving money and conserving resources.

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