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What makes suspended storage different?

LEVPRO uses an overhead track system that allows shelves to compact together and slide apart for easy access. Essentially doubling your storage capacity in the same footprint.

Customizable accessories allow you to organize your items so you don’t waste any shelf space, while the steel construction makes it durable for years of use.

Get Organized

Improve your storage without major cost or construction. See how others have solved their problems with LEVPRO with our mix and match accessories.

Designed to Care for Your Equipment

LEVPRO - Designed to care for you equipment

P.E. Equipment Storage

Helping schools get their equipment of the floor.

LEVPRO - Designed to care for you equipment

Property & Evidence Storage

LEVPRO was design with police departments in mind.

LEVPRO - Designed to organize your parts and supplies

Manufacturing Storage

Steel storage system capable of utilize your existing racking.

Levpro for Football Storage

Designed For Football

A game changer in football equipment storage.

Ready to make the most of your space?

Choose from one of our most popular sizes online or tell our storage experts about your space to get a quote for a system designed for your needs.

LEVPRO suspended shelving on our patent pending trolley system offers a compact, flexible solution.  LEVPRO gives you more space and time to do your job.  With 8′, 10′, and 12′ variants, LEVPRO can solve whatever storage crisis you’re facing.

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