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As libraries begin making the move to high-density shelving, Spacesaver is a trusted partner in helping architects, planners, administrators, and library professionals understand the complexities involved in planning and designing off-site shelving facilities.

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Space Assessment

Our extensive network of local affiliates employ space consultants who specialize in understanding the unique needs of libraries and archives. Contacting Spacesaver to arrange a free, no-obligation space assessment is the first step toward reimagining your space and creating a facility that better serves your institution and its collection.

Design Assistance

To ensure that your project is done right, your Spacesaver design consultant will be with you at every step along the way, from discussing concepts in the pre-design phase all the way through to final design, installation, and maintenance. Your local consultant will gain a thorough understanding of your institution’s needs and will also serve as a liaison between end users and the architects, designers, and contractors working on your project-as well as with our engineering team and manufacturing facility in Wisconsin, USA.

Purchasing Contracts

While considering a purchase from Spacesaver, it’s important to consider the purchasing vehicles that are available. Spacesaver has a variety of contracts, partnerships and teaming agreements that give you every choice available on how you want to procure your storage systems.

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