Risk Management in Museums

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Knowing the value museum exhibits provide to their patrons, institutions are exploring new ways to respond effectively to fires, flooding, and other disasters in collections storage areas. In addition, they are uncovering methods to mitigate damage caused by everyday challenges like overcrowding, chemical deterioration, and exposure to light.

Disaster Recovery

In the aftermath of a disaster like a fire, flood, or earthquake, personnel need to respond as efficiently as possible to minimize damage that might have impacted collections. Preparedness training helps responders not only preserve collections, but also minimize their physical risk and manage psychological distress. By learning best practices and establishing detailed procedures, museum professionals can help ensure that collection objects are recovered and preserved.

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Prevent Overcrowding and Dissociation

In an ideal world, every object in every collection would have a clear, well-labeled home and easily accessible documentation. But reality often intrudes: objects can be separated from their documentation or misplaced entirely, resulting in uncertainty about the object’s provenance or even loss of the object itself.

Preserve the Past & Prepare for the Future

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Protecting Museum Collections with Cold Storage

Coolers and freezers provide the best possible preservation environment for film and a variety of other materials, so they’re essential components of most museums’ risk management strategies. Cold storage is expensive to build and operate, though, so it’s essential to understand the needs of various materials in your collection and develop plans and processes to optimize your investment in cold storage space.

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Creative Ways to Limit Light Exposure

As museum professionals work to balance preservation and access to collections, limiting unnecessary light exposure is always a major concern. Imagine being able to limit light exposure while still promoting visibility in collections areas and public viewing galleries. We help museums design such systems every day.

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Spacesaver is committed to helping museums and other institutions fulfill their responsibility to protect and preserve collections. For nearly 50 years we’ve offered innovative approaches to managing risk, optimizing space, and maintaining ideal preservation environments.

Nearly 50 Years of Experience

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Our solutions have stood the test of time and we’re committed to helping the museum community continue to learn and grow. Our local consultants, backed up by our in-house engineering and manufacturing professionals, can partner with your team to help preserve the past and prepare for the future.

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