In-Garrison & Pre-Positioning

Spacesaver knows that a military base is like a small city in that its residents live, eat, study, exercise, train, perform, and seek medical attention within its confines. As such, unique and thoughtful storage solutions are needed to assist in the creation of highly functional spaces that promote readiness throughout the base.

Command & Headquarters

Military command operations rely on the well-organized storage of information to ensure peak efficiencies. No simple task, given the military’s ongoing transformation, frequent deployments, and resets – all of which are made more complex by base realignment and closure (BRAC) and a need for a secure environment that allows for multiple clearance levels.

Whether you’re responsible for storing records of the history of the base and those who have inhabited it or efficiently distributing the day’s mail, Spacesaver’s versatile storage systems can provide the tools to do your job and do it well.

military secure maintenance storage system

Maintenance, Repair, & Operations

Providing reliable transportation is a mission critical, but increasingly challenging operation, as new technologies are continuously incorporated into vehicles. The right parts and supplies for transportation must be on hand so each vehicle stays mission-ready at all times. Furthermore, maintenance departments are required to store and utilize an increasing number of manuals and service bulletins for each vehicle.

military maintenance storage solutions

It takes a strong, organized team of maintenance experts to ensure your base continues to operate smoothly. Whether it’s for supporting transportation vessels or maintaining machinery used to provide ease of operation across the base, Spacesaver’s decades of experience working with the military has resulted in a portfolio of products that ensures your maintenance technicians can keep your facilities and operators prepared at all times.

secure military warehouse mobile storage systems
military metal pallet crate
parachute shelving system
military gear lock room easy equipment storage

Mobility & Logistics

On-base logistics facilities must have gear on-hand and ready to be issued at a moment’s notice. This requires a well-organized, efficient, and versatile storage facility encompassing a number of innovative military storage solutions. When that gear needs to be transported for deployment or training efforts, it’s important to utilize solutions that allow for weapons, vehicles, and other gear to arrive in the same secure state or preparedness in which they were shipped.

military police secure compact storage solutions

Military Police

Providing top-notch security at all times is the charge for military police and security forces. However, since the critical task of secure evidence collection, management, and storage also falls on the shoulders of any security unit, the job doesn’t end there. This two-fold challenge calls for immediate access to weapons and gear storage, combined with the need to safeguard confiscated evidence until the case makes its way through the justice system.

military police secure weapon personal storage lockers

With Spacesaver, you’re covered on both ends. No other company can offer the same level of knowledge and industry expertise, along with the industry’s most complete and innovative line of storage solutions – all made in the USA and supported by a network of dedicated local representatives throughout North America.

Aviation Storage

The mission of aviation-focused teams is clear: make certain that aircraft and their passengers’ flight equipment are always in peak operating condition. From where they store their personal and operational gear to where they house and maintain the component parts of the aircraft, each detail must be accounted for and kept secure.

When there’s no room for error, look to Spacesaver’s aviation support storage solutions. From survival kits to inflatable lifeboats, parachutes, and more, our wide range of gear and parts storage solutions help ensure equipment and supplies are always ready and secure.

military parachute storage system

Defense Health Solutions

Spacesaver’s mission is to support military healthcare practitioners. Our healthcare storage solutions are specifically designed to help medical professionals do what they want to do most: spend more quality time with patients. From base pharmacies to hospitals and clinics on land and at sea, Spacesaver’s health solutions storage systems secure the medicine and supplies needed to keep soldiers – and those that support them – healthy and ready for action.

military engineered storage products

Engineering Services

The storage needs of the U.S. Armed Forces rival those of a city in their volume and variety. Often, it’s up to the Civil Engineering Squadrons and Public Works directorates to determine the best use of space for units on base with a vast array of evolving storage needs.

Spacesaver’s goal is to partner with you in the design process, adding value by virtue of our extensive military experience and unequaled storage expertise. Our local experts can help you plan and design your facilities with confidence, while providing guidance on available government contracts and procurement options. Contact us today.