When the situation calls for rapid deployment, there’s no time to waste packing and repacking items at every stop along the way to your final location. Our deployable solutions for weapons, heavy equipment, OCIE, and more allow you to store items in the same container in which you deploy them.

Store It How You Deploy It

In Transport & In Theater

Military installations have all the storage needs of a small city and are responsible for an immense amount of gear, equipment, and weapons. It’s key that all this gear is efficiently stored on base – safely, securely, and ready for rapid deployment. Our full line of deployable military storage solutions is designed to streamline your processes and make the most of your limited storage space.

Saving Time & Effort

When it’s time to deploy, your weapons and gear can be packed directly into our specialized shipping containers, giving your unit more time to prepare its plan of attack and expend its energy on other projects.

Universal™ Expeditionary Weapons Storage System (UEWSS) – equipped with forklift access – was developed as a revolutionary new option for secure storage, shipping, and support of modern small arms and crew-served weapons with associated repair parts and collateral gear.
spacesaver universal weapons rack
Universal™ Weapons Rack (UWR®) is fully configurable and deployable. Most optics and accessories can remain assembled and zeroed to weapons while in storage and during deployment, resulting in optimal efficiency.
spacesaaver intermodal storage
Rapid Readiness Box is a durable and secure transport crate that makes it easy to pack, ship, store, and use military gear. Originally designed to store and transport expeditionary shelters in intermodal transport containers, the Rapid Readiness Box can also be used for tools, communications gear, and other military supply.
spacesaver mobility crate
Mobility Crate is designed to ensure safe transport and storage of a wide range of equipment such as ECUs, GENSETS, lighting equipment, and vehicles and allow for reduced storage area needs while providing ready access for testing and deployment. These units are stackable, collapsible, dual entry, and galvanized for long-term exterior or interior use.

Moving Forward with Local Experts 

Spacesaver understands your base has unique storage requirements for the transport and readiness of the specialized tools used to execute your objectives. Our extensive network of local distributors – backed by the strength of our engineering and manufacturing teams – work closely with you throughout the project to ensure you have a solution that supports your current and future missions.