EZ Rail® Element – Modular Storage Rail

EZ Rail® modular storage rail adds flexibility to existing or new storage installations.
Spacesaver’s EZ Rail element is a modular storage rail that installs without fasteners into Spacesaver storage systems such as cantilever library shelving, FrameWRX® Storage Systems, 4-Post and Case-type shelving and Universal® Weapons Racks (UWR®s), as well as other manufacturer’s brands.

The EZ Rail is a simple one-piece element and was designed to hold industry standard plastic bins, pegboard, slatrail and slatwall accessories.

Flexible EZ Rail modular storage rail offers horizontal or sloped installation of a variety of industry standard hanging bins, and can be adjusted on site and by hand.

  • ez rail shelving accessory
  • ez rail weapon shelving
  • ez rail 4-post shelving
  • spacesaver ez rail athletics shelving
  • ez rail bin shelving
  • ez rail cantilever shelving

Download our resources for additional details or contact us for help on planning your project.


EZ Rail Brochure


EZ Rail Healthcare Info Sheet


EZ Rail Military Info Sheet


EZ Rail Info Sheet


Public Safety EZ Rail Info Sheet

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