What is High-Density Mobile Shelving?

Simply put, it’s a way to store more in less space. We’re all familiar with traditional static shelves—but the challenge with static storage is that it takes up a fixed amount of space. The amount of stuff being housed in your work space or storage area keeps growing, while the square footage stays exactly the same. To learn how High-Density Mobile Systems could work for you, for the basics of maximizing your storage space.


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The Impact of Mobile Shelving

If you don’t have the money to expand your space to accommodate those items, there’s a good chance it’s overcrowded and unorganized, which leads to a whole other set of issues—decreased productivity, low morale, safety hazards for employees, and ultimately, a negative effect on your bottom line.

High-density mobile storage solves all of these challenges. By mounting shelving or cabinets onto a carriage and rail system, mobile storage eliminates fixed aisles to compact your storage space. It’s a simple concept that enables you to significantly increase your storage capacity or store the same amount of items in half the footprint. In the other half of that space? The room to do the things that can grow your business.

Where to Start?

We have a solution for all your storage needs. The easiest way to decide what High-Density Mobile Shelving system is right for you is to contact us to get in touch with your local storage specialist.

* Maximums are dependent on overall system layout. Additional sizes may be available upon engineering review.

Discover Reliability

We ensure your system works day in and day out. Want proof? Get the details in “The Power of Reliability” brochure!

tusc control high density mobile storage

Now offering the ability to turn your mobile device into a remote control for your powered system with the TUSC™ Control app using Bluetooth connectivity.

tusc control app on apple store

tusc control app google play store

low profile mobile high density shelving

Low-profile Mobile Shelving

Carriage aisles are accessed with the press of a button for optimum reliability and ease of use.

standard high-density mobile storage

Standard Mobile Shelving

Our most widely-used high-density option, available in a variety of controls and safety options.

heavy-duty mobile shelving

Heavy-duty Mobile Shelving

Load capacities of 3,000—30,000 pounds per carriage make this the go-to solution for storing large or heavy items without facility expansion.

off-site mobile shelving high-bay mobile storage

Off-site Mobile Shelving

Moving some of your storage to an offsite, mobile high-bay shelving system frees up space in your building.

Safety Options

high density mobile shelving safety features

Photo Sweep®

An infrared light beam, unaffected by sunlight or ambient light extremes, projected the length of the carriage at its base stops system movement when broken by a person’s foot or other object.

high-density mobile safety sweep

Safety Sweep

Spacesaver’s mechanical safety sweep provides full aisle protection for people and objects in the open aisles of high-density mobile storage systems by automatically stopping carriage movement upon contact with an obstacle.

high density mobile shelving safety features

Aisle Entry Sensor

If a person enters a closing aisle, cross-aisle sensors mounted 20 inches (508 mm) up from the carriage base stop the system from moving.

high density mobile shelving safety features

Zero Force Sensor®

By projecting multiple infrared photoelectric beams across an open aisle the full length of the carriage, the Zero Force Sensor (ZFS®) system detects a person’s entry into a moving aisle or presence in an open aisle and automatically locks down carriage movement.