Safety Options for High-density Mobile Storage

Safety is always a priority in the design and installation of our products – which is why we offer multiple features to ensure protection for employees and items.

Safety has been paramount in Spacesaver’s engineering from the very beginning. As a result, we’ve pioneered virtually every significant safety feature in the industry. Any of our systems can be designed to close and lock when not in use. All of our powered systems—many of which can also be programmed for controlled, selective access—are UL system listed and CSA approved.

The safety system you choose will depend upon your individual customer’s needs, the type of controls selected and whether the system will be accessed by the general public or restricted to trained personnel. We urge you to let us do a customer needs analysis and make recommendations for your individual projects.

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Minimum one safety sweep included for Powered Operations

A floor level safety sweep is considered the mobile system’s primary safety.  Every aisle is required to have a minimum of one sweep. Spacesaver has two options available for safety sweeps: Photo Sweep® and Safety Sweep.

Photo Sweep safety option for Powered Operation

Photo Sweep®
Sensor for Powered Operations

An infrared light beam, unaffected by sunlight or ambient light extremes, projected the length of the carriage at its base stops system movement when broken by a person’s foot or other object.

An infrared light beam sweeps for obstructions close to the floor. If a carriage begins to move while you are in the aisle, it can be stopped by breaking the light beam that is constantly projected along the entire length of the carriage. To accomplish this, simply place your foot in the area defined by the red and white safety tape.

Safety Sweep for Powered & Mechanical Assist Operations

Spacesaver’s mechanical safety sweep functions by applying pressure to the sweep located along the length of the carriage If a carriage begins to move while you are in the aisle, it can be stopped by depressing the metal sweep plate with your foot in the area defined by the red and white safety tape.

Foot being applied to Safety Sweep on Mechanical Assist Operation

Optional Additional Safeties

In addition to a floor-level safety sweep, your system may be equipped with one or more of the following safety options:

Safety Aisle Entry

Aisle-Entry Sensor
for Powered Operations

If a person enters a closing aisle, cross-aisle sensors mounted 20 inches (508 mm) up from the carriage base stop the system from moving.

This feature has an invisible beam that crosses each aisle. The following actions occur when using this safety feature:

  • Entering an open aisle will break the beam, and prevent the system from moving.
  • Entering an opening aisle will have no effect on the opening of the aisle, but will prevent the system from moving once the aisle is fully opened, until the system is reset.
  • Entering a closing aisle breaks the beam, stopping system movement.

Zero Force Sensor®
for Powered Operations

By projecting multiple infrared photoelectric beams across an open aisle the full length of the carriage, the Zero Force Sensor (ZFS®) system detects a person’s entry into a moving aisle or presence in an open aisle and automatically locks down carriage movement.

This safety feature requires no effort on your part. As you enter the aisle, you are detected by invisible light beams that run the full length of the carriage. Once the Zero Force Sensor detects a person’s entry into a moving aisle or presence in an open aisle it automatically locks down carriage movement.

Safety Lock Out

Lighted indicators signal when a person or object is in an open aisle, and prevent the selection of a new aisle until the open aisle is checked.

The Entry/Exit Zone

In the first 30″ of each aisle end, cross-aisle Zero Force Sensors (ZFS) mounted on 6″ centers ensure safety and automatic reset upon exiting.

Line Drawing of Zero Force Sensor - Safety Option for Powered Operation

High-Density Mobile Shelving Modes of Operation

Depending on your needs, we offer three modes of operation for optimum ease of use, security, safety, and accessibility: manual, mechanical-assist, and powered controls.

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