Locker Storage

Designed for Peace of Mind

Locker storage provides a secure way to protect personal property and valuable gear. Ideal for businesses, police departments, campuses, SWAT teams, and military units, lockers can be customized to suit any need. We offer dozens of configurable locker accessories to help you keep uniforms, personal items, weapons, electronics, and paperwork organized and close at hand.

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  • heavy-duty personal storage lockers
  • campus security evidence locker
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  • military gear storage lockers
  • heavy-duty lockers

day use lockers

Day Use Lockers

Day Use Lockers offer sleek, secure storage for personal belongings in offices, libraries, clinics, and other areas.

Police Lockers

Our heavy-duty personal storage lockers are long-time favorites of police officers, first responders, and the military personnel. Securly store personal gear, including uniforms, boots, vests, personal weapons, and electronic devices. Choose from additional features like HVAC integration and benches for comfort and convenience.

police locker heavy duty storage

gear locker storage

Gear Lockers

Gear Lockers offer a secure and compact way to store duty bags, field gear, and bulky equipment that can be accessed at a moment’s notice.

unattended security lockers

Unattended Security Lockers

Unattended Security Lockers are an ideal solution for businesses that need to keep items such as hard drives, or other valuables secure until pickup.

With nearly 50 years of experience, we’ll help you design the perfect locker storage system for your space, budget, and needs.