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Celebrating 100 Years of AFCA

Hands on training, product testing, and more.

January 21st, 2022 - 2 min read

Spacesaver was excited to ring in the new year at the American Football Coaches Association Convention in San Antonio last month. The premier industry show for high school and college football across the country—it was great to be back in person with more than 7,500 attendees. We networked, received hands-on training at clinics, and tested products from approximately 200 industry-leading exhibitors.

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What Coaches are Talking About

In addition to the X’s and O’s, coaches were very interested in how to create a winning culture, boost team pride, and impress potential recruits. With the ongoing pandemic still a hot topic, special attention was also given to how teams can best keep players/staff healthy by limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses in the locker/equipment rooms.

football equipment shoulder pad and face guard storage

Get Organized

Spacesaver’s Athletic Mobile system helps you make the most of small storage spaces to mitigate disorganization caused by overcrowding. Each section can be outfitted with equipment-specific accessories like shoulder-pad racks and hanging rods for uniforms so that you can easily find what you need and keep your focus on the field.

Defend Against Damaged Gear

Protect the gear that protects your athletes. Uniforms, pads, and helmets are expensive, and they already endure a lot during practice and games. Spacesaver’s Athletic Equipment Storage System ensures these items are stored properly and safely to avoid damage and loss.

Spacesaver took this opportunity to showcase one of our newest products—our Day Use Locker—on display in the booth alongside a showcase of installations of High-Density Mobile Storage Systems, Nantucket Drawers and Trays, and FreeStyle Lockers. Feedback was extremely positive from both coaches and equipment managers as we discussed methods they can utilize to stay organized and efficient with their gear. Thanks to the AFCA and we look forward to being back next year!

The 2023 AFCA Convention will take place January 8-10, 2023, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

football equipment room custom mechanical assist storage solution

Boost Team Pride

Who says equipment storage must be unattractive and hidden away? Add custom graphics like team logos, mascots, and colors to the end panels of your Spacesaver system to build team pride and excite your players. By combining practical function and appealing aesthetics, Spacesaver transforms your storage room into a showplace in recruitment tours. The Spacesaver Athletic Equipment Storage Systems aren’t just for storage — they’re like another member of your team.

athletic facility cubby lockers and coach walking down hall

Improve Efficiency and Cleanliness

Combine the speed and efficiency of cubbies with the security of lockers in the laundry/equipment exchange area. Athletes put equipment on one side and staff can grab it from the other, limiting the number of people that need to touch each item. Spacesaver’s steel Day Use Lockers withstand frequent use and humid environments and are easy to clean.

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