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The Big Plan On Campus

10 efficient storage solutions for departments all across campus.

November 15th, 2022 - 4 min read

A Campus Is Like a Small City

It can provide almost all of the resources its residents need to thrive. Housing, sustenance, healthcare, and recreation, today’s campuses have all these items covered and more. Like a city, campuses tend to grow in size and population over time, requiring them to seek out new space or repurpose their current footprint to accommodate current and future growth. Let’s take a tour of our 10 solutions and show you how they can help you rise among the ranks of today’s best campuses.

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campus field house storage graphic

1. First Stop, The Fieldhouse

For most colleges and universities, the buck starts in the athletic programs. Success on the field not only drives in revenue, but it also draws attention to the school and its winning tradition to prospective students. And, while this effort culminates as the championship trophy is hoisted, it all starts in the equipment room. Check out one of the many examples of a winning environment our team helped to create at the University of Oregon with our innovative storage solutions.

campus library storage graphic

2.< Next, Let’s Hit the Books…and More

Today’s campus libraries offer more than just a quiet space to read a book. Utilizing solutions that allow for collaboration and meeting areas and feature the latest technology, library spaces can be configured to fit the exact needs of the user. Here are a few solutions that can help make your library the place to be for teachers and students looking to explore the value of contemporary leaning.

campus archive collection storage graphic

3. Sit Tight, We’re Going Off-Site

The rise of technology and the demand for an alternative learning environment has left on-campus space at a premium. So, in order to preserve valuable resources that are not accessed as frequently as others, school administrators are taking these items off-campus to strategically categorized storage facilities. Learn how Texas State University used Spacesaver’s off-site storage solutions to free up space on campus for innovative library spaces.

campus flex space storage graphic

4. Bonus Stop, We Hope You’re Flexible

As the current floor plan won’t always fit tomorrow’s need, campus space planners must remain flexible with their design parameters. Campus flex spaces can be adapted to fit the current use case and repurposed with little to no effort or funds. Let our design experts show you how to make the most out of customizing your school’s underutilized space.

campus museum storage graphic

5. Moving Forward, We Look to the Past

Not only a place for future curators to sharpen their skills, campus museums also preserve historic items and moments occurring on and off campus, while saving room for future momentous occasions. And, like all good things, these should be on display for staff, faculty, and students alike. See how Spacesaver’s visible storage solutions helped the Arizona State Museum located on the University of Arizona campus showcase more for its patrons.

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campus lab science equipment storage graphic

6. A Quick Stop At the Lab

Never wanting to stem progress, campuses everywhere are increasing their investment in STEM-related labs and research spaces to adjust to the nearly 50% increase in students majoring in the subject over the past decade. Check out how our experts can provide a more efficient way for staff and students to access lab supplies and equipment.

campus police security equipment storage graphic

7. Safety Check, Campus Safety That Is

Attaining a degree can be hard enough for students without having to worry about staying safe throughout the process. Luckily, this is where the Campus Police & Safety department comes into play. Supported by Spacesaver’s lineup of evidence, weapons, and gear storage solutions, officers can focus on staying ready and keeping residents safe.

campus health center storage graphic

8. Next, A Checkup On Healthcare

A lot can happen when traveling from building to building, class to class, and other places on and off campus. And, while some instances may result a simple bandage, campus healthcare professionals are equipped and prepared to handle a wide array of mental and physical health issues. See how these individuals are helping to improve patient outcomes and the health and well-being of staff through Spacesaver’s versatile campus healthcare storage solutions.

campus music library storage graphic

9. A Brief Intermission For the Arts

Though a good deal of music, scripts, rulebooks, and schedules have gone digital, there’s still plenty of demand for storage space within a campus’ Performing Arts & Recreation departments. With equipment ranging as widely in value as it does in size, storage solutions need to be flexible and durable enough to provide continued value for participants to come. Check out how this University Music Library found a way to pair records of the past with storage solutions for the future.

campus warehouse storage solution graphic

10. Last Stop, Keeps All In Flow

While all facilities on campus are used by some, all are serviced by Facilities & Maintenance teams. These professionals care for each building and its functionality, allowing staff, faculty, and students to carry on their development in the most facilitating environment possible. Spacesaver’s campus storage systems allow staff to fit more into warehouses and easily find and retrieve what they need to do the job at hand.

Your Campus Storage Chancellor

Spacesaver understands the complexities of planning for spaces to ensure they will be as useful 20 years from now as they are today. With more than 50 years of experience across hundreds of different applications, we offer storage and workspace solutions that will make every part of your campus more efficient, organized, and future-proof.

Graduated Efficiency

Spacesaver is a trusted partner in helping higher education architects, administrators, and other professionals understand the complexities involved in planning and designing effective learning spaces. Let our network of local distributors, space planners, and factory-certified installers and technicians deliver the best solutions for your school’s storage needs.

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