Custom Steel Manufacturer for the US Military

Custom Steel Manufacturer for the US Military

Working with military personnel to keep gear ready and secure.

When the US military needs custom steel storage products, they know they can count on Spacesaver to design solutions that save lives, save time, and save money. Our engineers, manufacturing professionals, and local sales reps have been collaborating with the military for decades, creating products like the original Universal™ Weapons Rack, custom lockers, and a variety of other steel storage solutions, all made with pride in the USA.

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Spacesaver’s in-house engineering teams create custom solutions for the military. All our products are made in the USA.

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Spacesaver’s most recent client-driven solution is the Mobility Crate. A Spacesaver consultant was working with the US Air Force Security Forces on another project when they mentioned they were expecting delivery of nearly 200 Polaris UTVs and they weren’t sure how to store them. They didn’t want to risk exposing the UTVs to the elements by parking them outdoors, but they only had limited space in the warehouse. They wondered if Spacesaver could create stackable crates to take advantage of the vertical space provided by the warehouse’s tall ceiling.

The Mobility Crate is a modular storage solution that provides secure and ready storage for UTVs, snowmobiles, and other vehicles and equipment.

utv steel protective transport cage

The Spacesaver consultant relayed the request to Spacesaver’s engineering team, and they agreed to design and manufacture a custom solution. The clients traveled to Spacesaver’s headquarters in Wisconsin to meet the team, tour the factory, and provide input on the design.

After several months of development and testing, the Mobility Crate was ready for action. This is just one example of a tried and true product development process that keeps troops and their gear ready and secure.

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Custom Steel Manufacturer – Made in the USA

Spacesaver offers a complete line of efficient, versatile storage systems for military weapons, supplies, and equipment. Need a custom steel storage product? We can help with that, too. Your nearby Spacesaver consultant can work with you and our in-house engineering and manufacturing teams to design smart solutions.

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