A Fitting Form of Efficiency

Providing a step-by-step approach to safe installation.

In a world where for select users ‘some assembly required’ can be synonymous with ‘no purchase desired’, Spacesaver’s team of indoor agriculture experts has pinned down an effective and efficient system for use.

Designed to improve safety, efficiency, and access for cultivators servicing second-tier or higher plants systems, Spacesaver’s GROW Crosswalk provides users with a raised working station that securely integrates with new and existing GROW uprights and can be utilized during all stages of indoor cultivation.

Comprised of an aluminum plank nestled into cross supports and supported by front and rear safety barriers, grab handles, and an adjustable pitch access ladder, the Crosswalk’s locking clevis pin connection allows users to install and relocate their systems quickly and easily. Let’s take a look at each component of the system and how they are safely and securely installed.

Always make sure the mobile carriages are locked in place before installing the Spacesaver’s GROW Crosswalk.


STEP 1: Get the Right Height

The GROW Crosswalk’s support braces are designed to attach in along its GROW uprights, creating a safer and more effective workstation for users. Once the correct height is determined, support braces are secured to the upright with locking clevis pins.

grow crosswalk planks

STEP 2: Plank the ‘Walk

Once all support braces are secured in place, the Crosswalk’s aluminum planks can be set into place. To ensure ease of installation and a work surface that is flush with the support braces, it is recommended that two individuals perform this step.


STEP 3: Pitching A Perfect Climb

Designed to create the ideal angle for achieving access to the plank, the Crosswalk’s ladder hooks can be adjusted and secured with the insertion and removal of a small clevis pin. Once the ideal slope is established, a quick release pin is inserted to maintain its integrity and the safety of those climbing aboard.

grow crosswalk handles

STEP 4: A Helping Handle

In order to maintain three points of contact and adhere to OSHA safety requirements within your respective space, the Crosswalk’s grab handles can be easily and securely attached to GROW uprights. Held in place by clevis pins connected from the outside, these handles give users a reliable grip when transitioning from ladder to plank.


STEP 5: Surrounded by Safety

Completing the circuit of security are the Crosswalk’s safety barriers, comprised of (2) strategically placed pieces designed to reduce the likelihood of a user falling from the plank. The upper barrier should be placed between 39” and 45” from the plank, while the lower barrier should be midway between the upper barrier and the plank. Each barrier is secured in place with (2) large clevis pins.

The GROW Crosswalk is just one of the many accessories that are compatible with Spacesaver’s lineup of seed-to-sale product solutions. Reach out to your local storage consultant for more information on how to help your operation GROW More in its available space.

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Spacesaver’s experts have the knowledge and solutions – including the innovative GROW Crosswalk – to bring your team and yield to new heights. Reach out to your local consultant for a no-obligation assessment of your space.

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