Indoor GROW Facilities

To produce a high-quality product, cultivators are tasked with a range of important responsibilities. From nurturing a tiny seed into a healthy plant to preparing the yield for distribution, one key indicator of success stands out: the amount of care given by the individuals and systems involved to assist throughout this process.

The Difference of GROWing Vertical

In a market where margins are tight, Spacesaver and its team of cannabis production experts understand the impact prime growing environments have on the profitability of an operation, as well as their ability to affect a positive result for their customers. Each stage of a plant’s lifecycle is unique and the right commercial growing supplies can greatly influence the end result.

commercial cannabis germination cloning room design

Germination & Cloning Rooms

The beginning stages of a plant’s life are critical and whether you call the area where this begins a nursery, cloning room, propagation room, or something different, examining proper solutions to enable germination of the correct amount of plants to properly fill a flower room is vitally important. Spacesaver’s GROW racking has been specifically designed for grow operations and is flexible enough to meet your exact needs.

Insights & Cannabis Cultivation Resources

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Spacesaver’s GROW systems have cannabis cultivation covered.

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commercial cannabis flowering room design

Flower Rooms

Depending on local regulations, canopy limitations can vary. Producers have to learn how to maximize growth in a limited footprint to maximize profitability. Vertical GROW Mobile Systems allows growers to:

  • Go vertical to optimize a facility’s height
  • Turn wasted aisle space into more shelving

Multi-tiered growing systems benefit from a simple accessory to enable employees the ability to safely and efficiently carry out their daily activities without a ladder. Discover Spacesaver’s GROW Crosswalk, and see how to eliminate a tradeoff between efficiency, safety, and yield.

galenas indoor cannabis flower room setup
"Our footprint is absolutely maximized. We’re using our space as efficiently as possible.”

– Geoffrey Korff, Galenas founder and CEO

Learn how Galenas LLC gained more canopy by using Spacesaver Vertical GROW Mobile Systems solutions.

spacesaver cannabis complete harvest systems

Harvesting & Drying

Post-harvest management is a crucial step in any cannabis cultivator’s process. Improper handling can occur throughout the production process but is most prevalent in the transition from the flower room to the drying room. Minimizing handling can lead to fewer crushed buds and leaves resulting in increased yield.

This concept is quite simple: hang plants once and they remain in place during 1 / harvest, 2 / transport, and 3 / drying. Grow Drying Racks eliminate the need for plants to be touched multiple times as they move through the process.

Product Presentation - Complete GROW System Walkthrough

See It In Action

We can help you understand indoor growers’ biggest challenges and how our GROW Mobile systems help overcome them.
cannabis employee personal storage lockers

Employee Satisfaction

Employees want to work in an environment that puts safety first and limits the roadblocks to efficiency and well-being. From locker rooms to common areas, Spacesaver has solutions that ensure while your employees are clocked in, they are safe, happy, focused, and productive.

commercial cannabis dispensary supply storage


High-quality products require high-quality retail solutions. If your strategy involves a dispensary, learn how Spacesaver can create a solution for your retail operations.