Store It How You Ship It

Store It How You Ship It

Modular metal transport crates streamline deployment by air, land, or sea.

Packing for deployment can take up valuable time that could be better spent training and preparing for a successful mission. That’s why Spacesaver makes it easy to organize storage space in garrison and safely transport your gear into the field, often without the need for pallets or repacking.

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All Spacesaver products are made in the USA and supported by your nearby Spacesaver distributorship.

rapid readiness box

Rapid Readiness Box

A durable, efficient, and secure alternative to wooden shipping crates. Originally designed to store and transport expeditionary shelters, the Rapid Readiness Box can also be used for tools, communications gear, and other military supply.

related product UEWSS tricon weapon storage

Universal Expeditonary™ Weapons Storage System (UEWSS)

The Universal Expeditionary™ Weapons Storage System is the first custom, integrated Type 1 TriCON container that can store, ship, and support modern small arms and crew-served weapons, repair parts, and collateral gear.

secure military storage

Universal™ Weapons Rack (UWR®)

The UWR stores weapons and weapon accessories in a compact, transportable unit that fits easily into a shipping container.

utv military mobility crate

Mobility Crate

The Mobility Crate is a custom transportable storage rack that provides secure and ready access to utility terrain vehicles (UTV). This mission-ready storage system protects equipment while reducing storage footprint.  

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