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Motorcycle Patrol Lockers

Convenient storage for officers’ gear.

April 6th, 2020 - less than a minute read

When Salt Lake City began planning a new public safety building in the heart of downtown, all services for the police and fire departments had to be housed under one roof. Space was limited in the expensive urban area, so the design team put a major emphasis on efficiency.

Like many other areas around the building, the motorcycle garage needed to make efficient use not only of limited space, but also of officers’ time. That’s why the design team opted to install custom FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers from Spacesaver in the garage. By installing the lockers right next to the motorcycle parking spaces, officers could eliminate the extra time needed to walk back and forth between duty bag storage and the garage.

Each motorcycle patrol locker is 90 inches tall and equipped with a variety of features to optimize the space:

  • Sloped top to present a finished appearance and prevent officers from storing items on top of the lockers
  • Document holder to keep paperwork organized
  • Interior lockbox to provide an additional layer of security for personal valuables
  • Drawer with boot tray to keep boots separate from clothing and other gear
  • Body armor tray to allow officers to dry body armor horizontally, as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Combination locks
police locker secure garage office storage

Motorcycle patrol lockers in the garage help officers save time and keep their gear organized.

police officer locker secure bench draw

Body Armor Tray

patrol officer lockers

Document Holder

police locker accessories options

Interior Lockbox

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