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Providing Systems for Building Championships

Spacesaver’s solutions help coaches stay in the lead.

January 25th, 2023 - less than a minute read

Much like the athletes they lead onto the playing field, football coaches work hard to ensure they put forward their best effort for their fans. From January 7-10, more than 190 exhibitors and 8,000 attendees – including coaches and staff members from the high school to collegiate level – gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina for the American Football Coaches Association tradeshow to take in the latest and greatest tools for leading their team to victory!

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A Youthful Infusion

Traditionally, attendance for the show skews more to the collegiate level, but this year there seemed to be a much stronger high school presence on the floor and in the booths. Driven to improve their program’s systems, the high school coaches and administrators we spoke to were hungry for information on and examples of our completed installations.

football equipment room high-density mobile systems

Not to be overlooked, our athletics experts met with their share of collegiate representatives at the booth and shared some of our projects that feature versatile solutions designed to give them a leg up on the competition.

A Rising Demand for Mobility

Whether it was a coach, administrator, or equipment manager delivering the message, it was loud and clear that transportable storage options continue to rank high on teams’ draft boards. Whether they’re for an upcoming renovation, a new building project, or creating a more efficient way to get from the equipment room to the field, movable solutions – like Spacesaver’s Flexible Shelving – that keep gear protected and accessible are at the top of many programs’ wish list.

flexible shelving cubbies
flexible shelving with small parts bins
flexible shelving vertical dividers

Spacesaver and our team of experts look forward to seeing you all for AFCA 2023 January 12-14, 2024, at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee!

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