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What Spacesaver’s team learned at the 2022 Warrior shows.

July 26th, 2022 - less than a minute read

This year’s Warrior East and Warrior West shows have come and gone. And, although the shows took place 2700 miles apart, attendees and exhibiters shared several common themes and focuses for the future.

Spacesaver’s team of experts were on hand for both shows and are happy to share what we heard, saw, and presented while in attendance.

Spacesaver military lockers at warrior west tradeshow
open tricon weapons shipping container full of guns

Storage for Gears and Gadgets

Throughout the exhibit halls of both tradeshows, attendees expressed the same need: better storage for their gear. From weapons to drones, stored indoors and outdoors, there is a clear desire for storage solutions that are as accessible as they are secure. At the East show, we featured our weapons Tricon, which offers an ideal solution for securely storing and shipping modern weapons, collateral gear, and repair parts.

Staying Ready for Deployment

One specific storage use type we heard showgoers say they’d like to see more of was temporary, deployable storage solutions. Interior space is costly both from a maintenance and best use case, so by offering solutions that can be located outside of the building and easily accessed when needed, military personnel can allocate time and money to other causes. On display for showgoers at the West show, was our Rapid Readiness Box – a durable, efficient, and secure deployable storage solution designed as an alternative to wooden shipping crates making it easier to pack, ship, and store tools and gear.

open rapid readiness boxes for military use
wall of deployable gear lockers with open locker containing military vest and helmet

Speed and Operational Reach

While at Warrior East, our team had the opportunity to present to attendees about utilizing storage solutions to increase readiness, reduce their footprint, create more usable space, and prevent property loss/damage.

Encompassing solutions for all branches of the military, the presentation provided real-world applications of efficient and adaptable solutions including weapons racks, gear lockers, mobile storage solutions, a plethora of deployable storage options. Reach out to our experienced team of military storage experts for a walkthrough of the presentation.

Equipping Operational Efficiency

The end of the year is drawing close for many in the military market. Reach out to our team of experts to learn how you can boost your base’s efficiency and stay mission-ready!

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