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Consolidate Campus Storage During a Pandemic

High-quality lockers, shelving, and compact storage systems.

August 14th, 2020 - less than a minute read

As campuses look for new ways to stay safe and social distance amidst a pandemic, we’re here to help by providing storage products that create flexible, attractive, and easy-to-clean interior spaces.

Stay Flexible

Increase storage capacity, divide large areas into smaller spaces, and create inspiring learning environments.

Modular Steel Designer Lockers

Spacesaver’s Day Use Lockers have durable steel frames that can be moved and reconfigured to carve out space for social distancing, seating, collaborative group work, and more.

wifi employee lockers
moveable storage walls flexible university spaces

Movable Walls

Store materials, supplies, and even furnishings in “walls” that slide along rails in the floor. No need to call technicians to reposition the walls; these walls can be easily moved by hand. Position walls to create smaller spaces for social distancing or small group work, or collapse them against a wall to free up space for guest speakers or other events.

Flexible Shelving

Libraries, classrooms, and labs can use shelving on exposed locking or concealed caster bases to create flexible spaces. Position shelving to create small areas for social distancing or move them out of the way entirely to make room for speakers or events.

moveable library shelving on casters

Free Up Space

Need more space for social distancing or PPE storage? Consolidate essential supplies, furniture, equipment, books, and other items on compact storage systems.

university health center supply storage

Labs & Healthcare

Consolidate pharmaceuticals, lab equipment, and other materials on compact storage systems. Place frequently-accessed items on the end panels for quick retrieval.

campus ppe warehouse supply storage

Furniture Storage

Campuses are removing chairs from labs, studios, and classrooms to limit seating capacity. See how Bellevue College stores surplus furniture and other bulk materials.

university library storage systems


Free up floor space by storing books on mobile shelving.

Stay Clean

Help prevent disease transmission on high-touch surfaces like shared-use lockers and mobile shelving in libraries and offices.

mobile moveable shelves

Touchless Mobile Systems

Patrons can use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect their smartphones or tablets to powered Spacesaver systems. All new powered Spacesaver systems come with TUSC® technology, and older systems can be retrofitted with the TUSC® platform.

badge swap touchles steel lockers

Badge-Swipe Lockers

Locks enabled with RFID, WiFi, and Bluetooth technology make it easy to eliminate high-touch surfaces on personal storage lockers. WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled locks can be opened or unlocked via app on a mobile device. RFID-enabled locks pop open with a badge swipe.

sustainable steel day use lockers

Antimicrobial Coating

Any of our powder-coated steel products can be finished with an antimicrobial coating to help prevent the spread of germs. Regular cleaning is still recommended.

Integrate Design Elements

Reinforce your institution’s branding or tie in with a building’s interior design.

university shelving led lighting integrated


Illuminated shelving creates a dramatic effect and provides additional light right where it’s needed.

university shelving led lighting integrated


Choose from standard or custom powder-coat paint colors for a durable, scratch-resistant surface that integrates with your interior design.

university steel shelving custom finish


Specify steel, High-Pressure Laminate (HPL), acrylic, or virtually any other sturdy material to incorporate design elements into shelving, lockers, and mobile systems.

university steel shelving custom finish

Graphic Wraps

We can arrange to have your shelving or mobile systems wrapped in custom graphics.

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