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Best Ways to Store Deployable Military Gear

Use fiscal year-end funds to promote readiness.

July 15th, 2021 - less than a minute read

Need a better way to store and deploy military gear? Use your End-of-Year funds to save time, save space, and take control. Spacesaver helps you:

  • Get Organized
  • Increase Readiness
  • Reduce Footprint
  • Prevent Property Loss
  • Save Time
Store it how you ship it!

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Forklift picking up an army green Spacesaver rapid readiness box

Rapid Readiness Box

Wooden shipping crates waste time and effort. Rapid Readiness Box is the best alternative to wooden crates for storing and shipping deployable military gear. Use Rapid Readiness Box to store and ship expeditionary shelters, tools, communications equipment, and other military supply. This product can also help you compartmentalize gear in your ISU90, TriCons, and connex boxes.

Mobility Crate

The Mobility Crate is a deployable UTV storage rack that provides secure and ready access to utility terrain vehicles. This mission-ready UTV rack protects equipment while reducing footprint in storage and during deployment. Although this product is designed for UTVs, we can modify the product to store other bulk, preposition items for deployment like snowmobiles, lighting equipment, GENSETS (generator sets), fuel bladders, shelters, and more!

Parking lot with many tan UTVs in Spacesaver UTV mobility crates
Deployable Tricon weapon storage shipping container with the doors open and weapons lining the walls of the container

Universal™ Expeditionary Weapons Storage System (UEWSS)

The Universal™ Expeditionary Weapons Storage System is the first custom, integrated Type 1 TriCON container that can store, ship, and support modern small arms and crew-served weapons, repair parts, and collateral gear.

Universal™ Weapons Rack (UWR®)

Securely store and deploy weapons and accessories in the time-tested, transportable unit that fits into shipping containers.

Soldiers lifting a Universal Weapons Rack (UWR) onto truck

Need better storage on base, too? We've got you covered.

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