Commercial Cannabis Grow Room Design & Optimization Consulting

Spacesaver’s partnership with Hawthorne Gardening Co. brings you expert advice from cannabis consultants and the best products in indoor horticulture. All Hawthorne products integrate with Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile Systems to streamline workflows and improve plant health.

Maximize space in your grow facility, and then optimize it for growth.

indoor vertical mobile growing system

hvac indoor grow systems

lighting indoor grow systems

Hawthorne’s products integrate seamlessly with Spacesaver’s GROW systems. We offer one-stop solutions for everything you need.

indoor vertical cannabis growing racking shelving system

irrigation indoor grow systems

trays indoor grow systems

Guidance & Expert Insights

Spacesaver’s network of local consultants can show you how to maximize the canopy area in your grow rooms. Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile System consists of vertical racking that moves on rails to eliminate empty aisles and take full advantage of vertical space.

After you’ve maximized your canopy area, The Hawthorne Professional Technical Services Team can help optimize it for growth. This team of horticulturists, biologists, soil scientists, engineers and growers has a combined 100+ years of field and research experience. They can advise on lighting layouts and fixture selection, HVAC planning, plant nutrition, and many other aspects of your operation.

The Spacesaver-Hawthorne Cannabis Consulting Partnership Brings You

Complete Cannabis Growing Solutions

  • Extensive portfolio of complementary products
  • Products designed by experts in space optimization, facility management, and plant health and productivity

Seamless Transition

  • Technical and customer support, from consultation to installation to long-term maintenance
  • Unparalleled resources to guide the way, relying on each company’s 50+ years of specialized experience

Single Transaction

  • One contract, one price
  • Competitive pricing

Easy Installation

  • Flexible installation options to suit your needs
  • Phased installation available
  • Quick timelines thanks to local, factory-certified installation and service crews
  • Unrivaled North American distribution networks

Post-Sales Support

  • Ongoing support long after the sale and installation are complete
  • Information sharing within our network of researchers, growers, space planners, and engineers

Don’t miss our free Revit files of our systems on BIMobject.

Ready to GROW more? Connect with the experts.

When you’re ready to take your cannabis grow facility to the next level, contact us to get started on optimized layouts and other design plans.

With distributors in major cities across the U.S. and Canada, we have knowledgeable cannabis consultants and factory-certified service crews near you. Contact us to get started.