Aircraft Maintenance Storage

Improve the Productivity of Any Aircraft Maintenance Storage Facility

Put aircraft maintenance parts in the hands of your maintainers—right when they need them. Keep your facility safe, compliant, and organized. The global fleet of commercial aircraft is expected to reach nearly 30,000 units by 2021, increasing the demand for commercial aircraft maintenance. In addition, smaller airlines and operators with aging fleets who lack capital to purchase new aircraft will increasingly look to fleet maintenance.

As your aircraft maintenance facility grows, your aircraft maintenance storage space doesn’t need to. Store more aircraft and engine parts in less space with ActivRAC® mobile racking. Plus, get faster, easier access to parts and tooling.


Reduce the space required to store aircraft maintenance parts and materials. Learn more about ActivRAC mobile racking for aircraft maintenance storage now.


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“We could take our 300 positions and make about 680, 690 positions. It basically sold itself. The best part about it is still having a 14-foot aisle.”

-Lead Test Specialist, Global Turbine Manufacturer

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