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Sports Equipment Storage

A successful season on the field or court begins behind the scenes with the way you care for your athletic equipment and apparel. At every level – from K-12 to collegiate to professional – we’ve designed sports equipment storage solutions for some of the most renowned athletic programs in the country. Whether you’re working with a small storage closet or a state of the art athletic facility, we offer the right solutions to keep your gear protected, organized, and accessible so your equipment room can represent your program the way it deserves.

Find the perfect configuration for your sports equipment storage.

K12 Gym

Shelving Components

1) Wire Baskets with Bin Dividers
2) Plexi Glass front with Bungee Access
3) Wide Span Shelving
4) Shelf Support

Click to see how we solved this elementary school’s sports equipment storage.


Shelving Components

1) Wide Span Shelving
2) Bin Dividers
3) Boxes & Totes on Shelving
4) Hanging Rods
5) Locking drawers

Click to see how we solved Notre Dame’s sports equipment storage.


Shelving Components

1) Wide Span Shelving
2) Bin Dividers
3) EZ Rail for 4-Post
4) L bracket divider

Toronto Maple Leafs – Click to see hockey solution.

Baseball | Softball

Shelving Components

1) Custom Bat Rack
2) Wire Mesh Wall Rack

Click to read about the Baltimore Orioles.


Shelving Components

1) Shelf support
2) Plexi Glass front with Bungee Access
3) Wide Span Shelving
4) Bin Dividers


Shelving Components

1) Custom Tennis Racket Divider
2) Wire Baskets
3) 4-Post Shelving
4) Bin Divider
5) WRX Wheels Mobile Cart
6) Pegs on EZ Rail
7) Bins on EZ Rail


Shelving Components

1) Shelf Supports
2) Plexi Glass Front with Bungee Access
3) Doors on 4-Post Shelving with Lock
4) Totes and Bins on Shelves
5) Hanging Rods


Shelving Components

1) EZ Rail for 4-Post
2) Hook
3) 4-Post Shelving
4) Pegs on EZ Rail
5) Pull-Out Reference Shelf
6) Locking Drawers


Shelving Components

1) EZ Rail for 4-Post
2) L Divider
3) Equipment Bags on  Shelving
4) Water Bottle Storage on Shelving
5) Tote and Bin Storage on Shelving

From apparel to helmets to shoes, shoulder pads, bats, and everything in between – we have a configuration for whatever you’re storing.

Download our athletic shelving configuration guide.


The athletic equipment storage area in the new Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center at the University of Oregon has been hailed as “a testament to style and function.” The equipment room features 2.5 miles of Spacesaver drawers and shelving housed in visually stunning Spacesaver compact mobile storage systems. Learn more about how we helped the Ducks store their iconic gear.

For college athletic programs, the equipment room is much more than just a glorified storage room. It’s the place where gear is repaired for maximum player safety, where uniforms and gear are cleaned and mended to game day perfection, and can even help seal the deal for potential recruits. Don’t allow disorganization or a cramped storage space prevent you from serving student athletes in the most efficient manner possible. We’ll help you design a solution that’s as impressive as it is functional, whether you’re storing equipment for one team or an entire athletic program.

Notre Dame Football

Spacesaver helped Notre Dame Football triple its storage capacity and turn its equipment area into a showpiece.

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Stanford Sports Medicine

Disorganized storage was leading to frustration and wasted time at Stanford University’s main athletics facility.

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Wheelchair Basketball

The National Champion UW-Whitewater Basketball teams take advantage of Spacesaver’s engineering department.

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K-12 Sports Equipment Storage

Had enough of cramped storage closets and disorganized cages stacked with boxes of team uniforms and physical education equipment? Our K-12 sports equipment storage solutions are designed to keep your gear and uniforms easily accessible and in top condition, saving you money and time in the long-run. You invest a lot in your athletics programs; it only makes sense to invest in equipment storage that’s budget-friendly and configurable to help you serve students for years to come.

Messy Athletic Equipment

When decision-makers at Ray D. Corbett Junior High School in Texas began building a new school, they intentionally focused on overcoming common athletic equipment storage challenges. See the athletic storage solution that helped them tackle a rapidly-growing student population on a tight budget.

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Messy Athletic Equipment Storage

Professional Athletic Equipment Storage

Your equipment room shouldn’t just be a reflection of the team’s strength and pride, it should support the goals of the program. We’ve helped dozens of professional football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and other teams get organized, no matter the amount of available space. From uniforms and practice gear to promotional apparel and medical supplies, we’ll make it easy to store, organize, secure, and retrieve equipment for any team – so that you can focus on winning championships.