The challenge: Your K-12 school has to store sports equipment for dozens of school athletic teams, plus physical education classes – but you have limited space and a limited K-12 budget to make it happen. The solution: A budget-friendly compact shelving system configured to organize and protect your gear – from uniforms to balls, bats, and everything in between.

Two ways to Save Space in Your School’s Athletic Equipment storage room

Levpro suspended mobile shelving

Suspended shelving is a budget-friendly solution that installs quickly with no major construction needed and allows for simple cleaning and easy access to gym equipment. Choose from multiple shelving configurations and accessories.

Gym Equipment Storage System

High Density Mobile Storage

High density mobile shelving uses shelves mounted on floor rails to allow for greater weight capacity. This solution also provides optional locking and the ability to open aisles with a mechanical assist wheel or powered push button. Choose from multiple shelving configurations and accessories.

athletic equipment storage at Fort Atkinson High School

Solution in Action: Cambridge Elementary School

An elementary school in Cambridge Wisconsin was in need of a storage solution for athletic equipment.This is what happened.

The Challenge at Cambridge Elementary School

The Challenge

An elementary school in Wisconsin was using a total of four different storage areas for physical education equipment – and none were ideally organized.

The solution is organized athletic equipment on a Levpro system

The Solution

The school acquired a 12x8x4 LEVPRO system, which consists of shelving units suspended on an overhead track.

The result at Cambridge Elementary School is a Levpro system

The Result

The LEVPRO system allowed teachers to move all the frequently used items, including summer school items, into the units by the gym and get rid of rundown homemade shelving.

Solution in Action: Fort Atkinson High School


School sports team equipment was stored in cramped, cluttered storage cages, making it difficult to protect and find items.


The football team added a high density mobile system with sport-specific accessories such as shoulder pad racks and hanging rods to their cage.


Even within the small space, the football team gained significantly more storage space. Uniforms and gear are now organized, protected from damage, and easy to navigate.

Successful k-12 sports equipment room storage projects 

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