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With years of experience designing storage and deployment solutions alongside military personnel, Spacesaver has a wide range of military storage solutions to help you achieve your mission in a safer, more efficient manner.


Less time spent accounting for gear = more time to train and prepare

Military installations have all the storage needs of a small city – but are also responsible for an immense amount of gear, equipment, and weapons. It’s key that all of this gear is not only stored efficiently in garrison, but also that it’s ready and secure for rapid deployment.

Our full line of military storage solutions is designed to streamline your processes and make the most of your limited storage space in garrison. Then when it’s time to deploy, many of our products can be packed directly into shipping containers to give your unit more time for what really matters.


Learn more about our full line of military storage solutions.

In Garrison

Increase the capacity of your storage space, simplify inventory counts, and ensure gear accountability with configurable solutions for every item.

Weapon Storage

weapon storage solutions uwr

Keep weapons and optics secure and ready.

Warehouse & CIF Storage

Archived files on mechanical-assist mobile system for the National Guard at Camp Ripley, MN

Increase the capacity of your storage space & streamline processes.

Medical Supply Storage

military medical supply storage

Keep pharmaceuticals and supplies organized and at hand.

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Innovative Military Storage Solutions

No matter what you need to store, you can count on Spacesaver for high-quality, USA-made storage solutions. Download our lookbook for a behind the scenes look at our military storage solutions.

Transport & in Theater

When it’s time for rapid deployment, don’t waste time repacking every item for shipping, only to unpack it for customs, then unpack again when you arrive at your final location. Our deployable solutions for weapons, heavy equipment, OCIE, and more allow you to store items in the same container in which you deploy them.

Universal Weapons Rack

deployable weapon rack storage

Keep any type of weapon secured with optics zeroed throughout transport.


deployable expeditionary weapon storage

Mobilize your arms room with the Universal™ Expeditionary Weapons Storage System.

Rapid Readiness Box

deployable rapid readiness box
The better way to ship, store, and use military supplies.

Mobility Crate

deployable utv mobility crate

Save space when storing and transporting UTVs and other equipment.

military aia presentation

Architects & Designers

Don’t miss our AIA virtual presentation on Modernizing Capabilities and Enhancing Readiness with Storage Solutions for the Military.

Avoid FLIPLs

The FLIPL (Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss) is governed by Army Regulation 735-5, Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability, and DA PAM 735-5, and is an investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding the lost, damaged or destroyed property.

To avoid FLIPLs, there needs to be a system in place to have control, accountability and security of OCIE, weapons and other high value assets. By ensuring property is assigned and 100% accounted for, commanders increase their chance of maintaining supply discipline. Spacesaver has many storage solutions that can assist in accountability to save time, ensure greater accuracy and avoid FLIPLs.

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