Off-Site Archival Storage

Spacesaver high-bay shelving maximizes off-stie archival storage space

Spacesaver’s high-bay shelving systems are the gold standard for storing boxes, books, or other materials in off-site facilities. Static Xtend High-Bay Shelving is similar to traditional shelving, but extends up to 35 feet high to make the most of the vertical space in your facility.

Xtend® Mobile High-Bay Storage Systems eliminate wasted aisle space in offsite storage facilities to provide even more capacity in the same space. Both X-Tend Static and Mobile high-bay off-site storage systems offer:

  • Accessibility
  • Larger storage density
  • Protection of stored media
  • Strength and durability
  • Adjustability for future needs
Closed XTend Mobile Storage System
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Arial View of XTend - 34 feet in the air
XTend High-Bay Mobile storage system

Now with TUSC™️ Control app, learn more.

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 Read all the benefits of optimizing your vericle space with Off-Site High-Density Mobile.  Plus get the details about the system operations and safety features.

Architects & Designers: don’t miss our upcoming AIA virtual presentation on August 12 @ 11:30AM CST.

Modes of Operation

Depending on your needs, we offer open a variety of control option to allow users to open any aisle at the point of need. Mechanical-assist handles move thousands of pounds with minimal effort, and powered systems can be operated by touchpad control, radio frequency remote, or the TUSC™️ Control app.

Safety Features

Concerned about safety? We are too. That is why we offer multiple options when it comes to the use, entry, and operation of our mobile shelving systems.


Learn how high-density mobile shelving can help you double your storage capacity and optimize your space without expanding your storage footprint. Find out which compact mobile storage system fits your needs!


The high-bay storage experts at Spacesaver share their knowledge and insights with architects, contractors, library professionals, and other project stakeholders.

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Virtual Off-site Storage Presentations

Learn how our off-site storage solution has helped to transform spaces across the country. Schedule an AIA Continuing Education Course for credits or setup a free product presentation today.

Virtual Off-site Storage Presentations

Learn how our off-site storage solution has helped to transform spaces across the country. Sign up for our AIA Virtual Presentation on Thursday, Aug. 12 or setup a free product presentation today.


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Product Details
  • Convenient powered controls open aisles with the touch of a button
  • Heavy duty shelves with back stops keep stored media secure
  • Smooth shelves make it easy to slide out archive boxes and book boxes
  • Anti-tip rails, safety sweep, and aisle entry sensors ensure user safety
  • Non-offgassing paint keeps media safe
  • HVAC and fire suppression systems can be integrated with mobile high-bay system
  • Storage and retrieval
  • We can provide technical information and budgets regarding pickers or lifts, battery chargers, and book carts for the lift.
  • We can provide budgets and install the wire guidance as a part of our scope of work.
  • TUSC™️ platform to enable TUSC™️ Control app

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact Spacesaver for custom applications.

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