A Game-Changer in Football Equipment Storage

When you’re building a football program, you want your focus to be on developing athletes, not on digging for equipment, uniforms, and supplies. No matter what your team’s current storage situation is like, Spacesaver can help you get your equipment organized and protected – without breaking your budget.

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Define your space

Create a storage solution that suits your program. No matter what type of football equipment you’re storing, we offer accessories to make optimal use of the space, keep gear protected, and make it easy to find what you need.

Choose Your Zones. Build Your Program.

Example capacity is based on a 4’x8’x1.5′ (WxHxD) shelving unit.

football helmet equipment zone

Helmet Zone

24-48 Helmets per Zone
18-24″ Deep Shelving Section
Easily Access Each Helmet

football pad equipment zone

Shoulder Pads Zone

38 Shoulder Pads per Zone
15-18″ Deep Shelving Section
Barrier Bars Secure Pads

football ball storage zone

Ball Zone

36 Football Capacity
18″ Deep Shelving Section
Easily Load/Unload Footballs

football jersey uniform zone

Jersey Zone

240 Jersey Capacity
18″ Deep Shelving Section
Keep Team Jerseys Protected

football tote equipment zone

Tote Zone

12 24 gal. Storage Totes
24″ Deep shelving Section
4-6 Shelves for your Totes

football equipment zone

Miscellaneous Zone

14 Adjustable Pegs/Bins
15″ Deep shelving Section
Store Small Hardware & More

Defend your gear

Once you’ve picked your zones, you can choose the appropriate size for your space. Our High-Density Shelving Systems allow you to house any variety of zones. Contact us and we can help explain your options.

Dominate your game

See how we helped these colleges, universities, and professional teams improve their football equipment storage.

The University of Oregon’s football equipment room is about more than storage: it’s a showplace. The ground floor stores items for daily use, and wire baskets make it easier for managers to stock and pack players’ gear for games and practices at home and away. The upper level of the mezzanine, which is less frequently accessed, stores bulk items for re-stocking as well as items that will be needed later in the season.

football wire basket equipment compact storage
university football team equipment room design
football high-density mobile storage shelving system
football locker room gear storage
football equipment storage solutions
football compact storage

After seeing Spacesaver systems at many of the facilities they visited, the planning team for Northwestern University’s new athletic training facility called in Spacesaver storage consultants to help design efficient solutions. The Spacesaver consultants worked with the planning team and the project architects to design compact storage systems for the football equipment room and for the university’s Olympic sports, which include soccer, lacrosse, and tennis.

The football equipment room at this small Midwestern university is fitted with a Wheelhouse® High-Density Mobile Storage System with custom end panels. Stationary 4-post shelving, under-counter storage cabinets and drawers, and WRX Wheels® carts were also incorporated into the design. The high-density system stores football equipment like helmets, uniforms, and shoulder pads. It’s secured with one locking mechanism for the entire unit.

football team uniform mobile cart
football helmet gear storage
football equipment room workstation storage
football counter height mobile storage
football helmet equipment storage

Notre Dame’s football equipment room reflects the team’s top-tier status. The Spacesaver high-density storage systems store uniforms, helmets, and other football equipment. A counter-height system doubles as a laundry folding surface that can be rolled open to access storage. All the systems feature custom graphics that showcase Notre Dame football, from close-ups of the team’s helmets to an aerial shot of the stadium.

Define your space. Defend your gear. Dominate your game.

football equipment storage - organize gear

Optimal organization stops you from wasting valuable practice and prep time.

football equipment storage - protect gear

Protect expensive gear that keeps your athletes safe by storing it optimally.

football equipment storage - team pride

Showcase your team pride with customizable end panels and configurations.

football locker room space planning

Stay on budget with high-quality, space-saving, configurable storage solutions.

Build Your Football Equipment Storage System

We’ve worked with hundreds of football teams at all levels to help them up their storage game. From figuring out the right size for your space to helping you understand how you can store the gear you have, we’re here to help.

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