P.E. and School Sports Storage

Save space and save time with these school sports storage solutions.

Busy P.E. teachers and coaches need quick access to the right sports gear. Even if your school doesn’t have much room for storage, you can still save time and keep sports equipment organized!

school sports equipment storage system spacesaver

Store More in Less Space

High-density mobile storage can maximize even the smallest spaces to compactly and conveniently store athletic equipment. Here’s how it works:

Typical shelving wastes space. Shelving on Spacesaver mobile systems uses shelving on rails to eliminate wasted space. It’s an ideal way to organize and streamline athletic equipment inventory for physical education classes and any elementary school, middle school, or high school sports program.

A comprehensive look at athletic equipment storage solutions.

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high school basketball equipment storage system

Project: Secure Storage for Multiple Sports

When an addition was built onto this high school, staff were eager to find a better way to store athletic equipment for multiple sports. Along with saving space, one of the top priorities for coaches and team managers was keeping supplies and equipment secure. They wanted separate locking sections for each sport so they could always know exactly what the teams had on hand.

They called in the local Spacesaver consultant, who designed a high-density mobile storage system with 4-Post shelving outfitted with accessories to maximize the space. Every open shelving face is secured with locking tambour doors, providing coaches and managers with peace of mind. The multi-sport storage area has become such a point of pride that it’s now featured on school tours.

athletic storage system


School Sports Storage with Custom Wraps

Get smart storage that looks cool! Your local Spacesaver consultant can arrange to have custom graphics applied to your new Spacesaver system.

athletic storage system custom graphics


Project: Storing Athletic Equipment at a Middle School

When a new middle school was being designed in Texas, the school’s administration made athletic equipment storage a priority. With a rapidly growing student population, a wide variety of popular sports programs, and a tight budget, the planning team knew they wanted a reconfigurable and budget-friendly storage solution.

The local Spacesaver consultant visited with the planning team to understand their equipment needs and assess the space that would be available to store sports gear. Then he designed a Wheelhouse High-Density Mobile Storage System, which would store a large volume of uniforms and equipment in an extremely small space. In the future, the system could also be disassembled, moved, and reassembled with ease if needed.

middle school sports team equipment room

Here’s how they did it:

Project: Creating “Zones” for Football Team Storage

This high school football team’s equipment was stored in cramped, cluttered storage cages, making it difficult to find crucial gear. To help the coaches and managers better serve student athletes, the local Spacesaver consultant designed a compact mobile system that fit perfectly in the small space. He worked with staff to design “zones” for helmets, shoulder pads, totes, and other gear.

Despite the limited square footage, the Spacesaver system gave the team significantly more storage. Uniforms and gear are now organized, easy to find, and protected from damage.

middle school storage configuration


15″ Deep
Storage for Head
Sets, First Aid Kits, Water Bottles, Tees, Wrist Bands, Ball Bags, ect.

football team shoulder pad team storage


12″ Deep
Shoulder Pad Storage
Approximately 200 capacity

junior high school team helmet storage


24″ Deep
Helmet Storage
144 Capacity

k-12 gym equipment storage solutions


24″ Deep
Totes for Storage of Pants and Pads
30 Totes
24″D x 16″W x 16.5″H

high school sports team hanging uniform storage


18″ Deep
Hanging Jerseys
90 per Level

Transform Your School’s Sports Storage

If you need better sports equipment storage for your school’s P.E. classes or sports programs, connect with the experts at Spacesaver. We can work with you to design a system that saves space and securely stores more gear. Contact us to set up a free consultation!

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