University Hospital Storage

And Other Smart Storage Solutions Across Campus

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The Covid-19 crisis is forcing colleges and universities to re-think their preparedness strategies. University hospitals, clinics, facility management staff, and police departments are already discussing how they can be better prepared for the next crisis. They understand the need to keep more protective gear and cleaning supplies on hand, improve ventilation and airflow inside buildings, and provide secure personal storage for students, faculty, and staff.

At the same time, campuses are facing unprecedented revenue reductions and many institutions are putting major building projects on hold.

The challenge now is storing more in existing facilities, and that’s where Spacesaver shines. For almost 50 years we’ve been helping clients store more in less space. In fact, we can repurpose your existing space to increase storage capacity without a major renovation.

University Hospitals & Clinics

Every square foot of a healthcare facility that’s used for storage is space that could be used for patient care. That’s why university hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies have trusted Spacesaver’s high-density mobile storage systems for decades. Our high-density storage systems eliminate wasted space and free up more room for patient care or other uses.

Increase storage capacity without a major renovation.

campus medical equipment storage steel pegboards

Steel Pegboard

Creating Safer Campus Spaces

While students are gone and campuses are quiet, it’s a good time to start planning for a safer environment. Your local Spacesaver consultant can provide insights and coordinate with our in-house engineering teams to create storage solutions that are a perfect fit for any space.

Improve Ventilation

Indoor air quality is taking on heightened importance as scientists learn more about the transmission of Covid-19. We offer a variety of custom solutions to help improve ventilation in any campus buildings.

shelving with air return systems

HVAC Integrated into Library Shelving

hvac vented lockers

Lockers Integrated with HVAC Systems

lab science vented supply storage

Lab Cabinets Connected to HVAC

standard high-density mobile storage TUSC control bluetooth remote access

Reduce High-touch Surfaces

Keypads and other high-touch surfaces can transmit disease. Help minimize risk with the TUSC® Control App, which allows users to open and close aisles in new and retrofitted Spacesaver powered mobile systems.

Eliminate Microbes

If you’re ordering new products, keep in mind that our antimicrobial coating option promotes cleanliness and sanitation. This powder-coat finish contains a time-released germicidal agent to suppress the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, but it won’t affect your product’s finish color, durability, or performance. Regular cleaning is still encouraged.

download tech data antimicrobial powder coat

personal secure storage lockers student storage

Isolate Personal Belongings

Allow team members to securely store their personal gear. FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers and Day Use Lockers offer efficient storage and peace of mind.

Preparing for the Future

Although no one knows what the future holds, the current lull in campus activity provides an excellent opportunity to plan and prepare for the eventual return of students, faculty, and staff.

campus health center secure personal lockers

Clinic Lockers for Patients’ Belongings

This campus moved its mental health clinic to the student union to provide more convenient access for students. Day Use Lockers provide secure storage for students’ belongings during appointments.

campus police officer gear storage

Campus Police Storage

Save time, save lives, and save money with well-organized evidence storage, weapons storage, records storage, and more.

campus supply storage warehouse shelving system

Saving Space in a Campus Warehouse

University warehouses need to store furniture, building materials, and many other items in a way that provides safe and convenient access. See how this college safely and compactly stores items to free up space for other uses.

We help clients save space, save time, and save money — and we can help your campus, too.

Purchasing Options

Many institutions can purchase Spacesaver products on state contracts or cooperative purchasing agreements.

Connect with Your Local Space Planning Experts

Campuses are facing unprecedented challenges, and Spacesaver is here to help. Our products are made in the USA and our Wisconsin-based business is 100% employee-owned, with hundreds of hard-working professionals in our office and manufacturing facility. In addition, our independent, locally owned distributorships employ hundreds of space planning consultants and other professionals throughout North America. Contact us to get connected.

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