High Bay Facility Design

One of our clients approached their local Spacesaver distributor with the concern that their architect considered their high-bay project with the attitude that the facility was “just a warehouse.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

When designing a high-bay facility, it’s important to consider not only the shelving but also the supporting functions that will be performed within the facility.


Loading Dock


If possible, specify landscaping to provide a more private loading dock area.



A staging area is needed to store boxes of materials that have recently been acquired, that have been returned to the high-bay facility from campus, or that are awaiting transport to campus.

Blast Freezer


Because freezing helps reduce the risk of pest infestation, a blast freezer is located in or near the intake area at some facilities.



Storing materials by size rather than call number can increase space efficiency in a high-bay facility by an additional 15 percent. Staff sort incoming materials by height and depth and place each volume in one of several sizes of archival-quality paperboard trays.

Archive Museum Cabinet Storage Solutions

Speciality Colletions

If maps or other large, flat items will be stored at the facility, be sure to allow space for flat file cabinets in the climate controlled area. Perforated shelving fosters air circulation.

Safety & ADA Come First

Photo Sweep safety option for Powered Operation

Safety Features

Safety has been paramount to Spacesaver’s engineers from the very beginning. As a result, we’ve pioneered virtually every significant safety feature in the industry. all of our powered systems-many of which can also be programmed for controlled, selective access-are UL system listed and CSA approved.

The safety system you choose will depend upon your needs, the type of controls selected, and whether restricted access will be required. We urge you to contact us for a needs analysis, so we can make recommendations for your unique project.

ADA Features

We honor a variety of ADA accessibility guidelines for buildings and facilities that apply specifically to mobile storage, but keep in mind that state and municipal laws vary on a case-by-case basis. Our teams of storage consultants are familiar with local accessibility requirements and can assist you in finalizing your space plans. Learn more here or contact us to arrange an in-person consultation.


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