Making the Move

As libraries begin making the move to high-density shelving, Spacesaver is a trusted partner in helping architects and designers understand the complexities involved in planning and designing off-site shelving facilities.

Partners in design

As a designer, architect, the challenges and constraints of your projects help fuel our best ideas. We’re constantly learning from our clients and the industry with an eye toward upcoming trends – and we’d love to help you design a storage solution that’s not only functional, but also aligns with your client’s vision.

From BIM objects for CAD, to seismic considerations, floor loading calculations, and ADA and fire requirements, we’ll handle the nuts and bolts of the storage solution so that you can focus on what you do best. We work within your timeline to ensure a smooth installation, from planning to aftercare and maintenance. Contact us for any of the following:

Explore the Possibilities

Renovating an Historic Library

When a library as famous and well visited as the St. Louis Central Library undergoes a massive renovation, great care and consideration must go into the planning process.