University Library Redesign

Renovating Campus Libraries

As technology changes, so do the needs of students, faculty, and staff. To meet those changing needs, many universities are consolidating collections and renovating libraries to create space for new ways to teach and learn. But even though modern libraries look different, they’re still the center of intellectual life on campus.


Libraries have always been gathering places. This library’s renovation created room for a popular cafe.


Compact mobile shelving provides convenient storage for books and journals while freeing up space for a collaborative makerspace.


The UW-Madison built a high-bay shelving facility and consolidated collections to make space for modern uses on campus.


Collaborative workspaces are popular with students and instructors, who find the spaces better suited to group work sessions.


The Library Friends group at this public library operates a shop out of a compacting kiosk that slides on rails.

Connected Classrooms

Technology-enabled classrooms provide space for new ways to teach and learn.

Creating new spaces for teaching and learning