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Even during times of rapid and unpredictable change, some things stay the same — like the desire to engage and collaborate, and the need to create workplaces that foster focus and achievement.

A half-century ago, Spacesaver revolutionized office design with the introduction of high-density mobile shelving. From then on, our goal has always been to design and manufacture high-quality products that maximize space, save energy, and increase productivity.

How do we help create flexible, beautiful, and productive workplaces? Read on to get inspired.

Day Use Lockers

As workplaces evolve to meet ever-changing needs, Spacesaver’s unique blend of quality, flexibility, and aesthetics brings new options to corporate offices and other workplaces. Day Use Lockers optimize form and function, providing secure storage for personal items inside a customizable and reconfigurable design. Modular sizes and a variety of finishes and locking options ensure a perfect fit for any space, and the sturdy steel locker frames can be moved or reconfigured to accommodate flexible work schedules and untethered employees.

Sustainable Steel Frame

sustainable steel day use lockers

Touchless / RFID Locks Available

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This global brand’s headquarters needed a remodel, and the design team wanted the firm’s commitment to sustainability to extend to every aspect of the renovation project. One of the top priorities was to create a modern work environment using high-quality furniture and fixtures that would endure years of daily use. The team reached out to the local Spacesaver distributor to learn about available locker options and find out more about Spacesaver’s commitment to quality and sustainable manufacturing processes.


The design team for this Toronto office remodel worked with the local Spacesaver distributor to design modular lockers in a variety of sizes that could be mixed and matched. They initially provided a variety of locker opening sizes on each floor, but they also wanted to keep things flexible in case a particular layout was underutilized.

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An accounting firm needed to create an appealing work environment while also optimizing the expensive square footage in one of Manhattan’s most prestigious buildings. The perimeter of the new buildout has stunning views of Times Square and the surrounding area, and the corridors and workspaces toward the building’s core are also bright and welcoming, thanks to steel Day Use Lockers in a warm white tone.

Sustainable Design

Spacesaver is committed to a sustainable future. Here are just a few the steps we’ve taken to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Use high-quality recycled steel
  • Recycle waste oil, raw steel, painted scrap, paper and packaging materials, and electronics
  • Use an on-site reverse osmosis water treatment system that discharges potable water
  • Redistribute heat from paint ovens throughout facility during winter
  • Maintain a 7-acre prairie and wetland area

In addition, we’re committed to producing high-quality products that endure for decades, reducing the need to continually purchase replacements. Our heavy-duty personal storage lockers are long-time favorites of police departments and the military, and we’ve adapted that same rugged steel frame into a sleek look to suit modern offices.

High-density Mobile Systems

We got our start with high-density mobile systems, in which shelves slide along rails to eliminate wasted aisle space. Over the years we’ve incorporated new safety features, improved functionality, and added virtually endless design options, from standard colors to custom finishes and graphic wraps.

Formerly used for paper storage, Spacesaver systems now house everything from promotional items to office supplies and equipment.

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Innovative Storage Solutions

The architect for this Manhattan showroom used Spacesaver systems and custom casework to create a “jewel box” that showcases high-end products.


Optimize space and streamline workflows with flexible shelving that integrates with the rest of your office’s interior design.

steel shelving accessories

Options like drawers and dividers save space and keep items organized.

Ready to refresh your workplace?

When you’re ready to create a more productive and aesthetically pleasing workplace, call on Spacesaver for complimentary insights and advice. Architects and designers come to us with new ideas every day, and our in-house engineering and custom manufacturing teams work together to ensure that we can make those visions become reality.