Your workplace. Reimagined.

Best of NeoCon 2018 - Day-use Lockers by Spacesaver

A New Way to Define your Workplace Space

Workplace Reimagined is about creating the type of work space you need when you need it.

It’s added functionality like personal storage, technology, and seating built into the layout of your space from a quiet individual work zone or a team meeting room. It’s a new way to define your work environment.

Space Reimagined
Forget everything you know about moveable walls.

We’re not talking about demountable glass walls or the same old wall partitions. We are talking about truly mobile walls – walls that slide side-to-side allowing you to create custom-sized rooms on the fly, to turn a small two-person whiteboarding space into an all-company presentation space within seconds.

transform your workplace with moveable wall with lockers

Space to Collaborate

An office layout that encourages serendipitous meetings among employees can help spark innovation, cross-functional collaboration, and office camaraderie. Adding screens and pull-down tables offers employees who might not typically interact the opportunity to catch up or have quick stand-up meetings on-the-fly.

Standing Meetin Island empoyee secure storage

Space to Communicate

The layout and aesthetics of an office communicate your brand story, values, and culture – both implicitly and explicitly. Turning standard walls into whiteboards, using color creatively, and offering spontaneous meeting and work areas can help convey a sense of creativity and innovation. The use of heads up screens to display key metrics, company values, or upcoming events can give employees and visitors a sense of the brand and company culture.

transfor wall to whiteboards secure employees lockers

Space to Create

While open office layouts have increased in popularity and can help create a collaborative environment, there is still “heads-down” work that requires a quiet, private space to focus. Flip-down tables and seating areas give employees the tools to work in the way they find most productive to help you strike a balance between open office and secluded work space.

Space to Evolve

Rather than looking for meeting rooms to suit the size of the meeting, moveable walls allow you to create spaces that can host large group presentations just as easily as they can accommodate one-on-one conversations. Plus, the flexibility of moveable walls helps safeguard your space against future changes in the way you work and do business, ensuring you have an adaptable solution for years to come.

The Building Blocks to a Better Workplace.

Our modular day-use lockers are designed to be the building blocks that create a more inspiring and productive work space. Start with day-use lockers and transform them into a mobile island, a partition, a seating area, a spontaneous meeting space. Your imagination is the limit.

Ready to inspire more creative, productive work? Think of these ideas as a starting point.

Our team of in-house engineers and designers can help you create the solution that’s right for your space and culture. Get more configuration ideas and solutions for innovating your space by downloading our Workplaces Reimagined brochure.