Announcing GROW Vertical Racking and Partnership With Hawthorne Gardening Co.

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Announcing GROW Vertical Racking And Partnership With Hawthorne Gardening Co.

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As indoor farming becomes more popular, growers are looking for new ways to produce consistent crops at high yields while also conserving resources. Consistency and accountability are particularly important in the highly regulated cannabis market. That’s why Spacesaver is partnering with Hawthorne Gardening Co. to offer our clients expert insights into space utilization and the best products in indoor horticulture.

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Trusted Expertise

Each of our firms brings more than 50 years of specialized experience to the partnership. Spacesaver is the industry leader in mobile vertical racking, holding more than 200 patents in mobile technology and boasting 300,000 installations world-wide. Hawthorne taps into the rich horticulture legacy of its parent company, Scotts Miracle-Gro, to offer research-based consulting on topics such as lighting layouts and plant nutrition, 6,000 brands of horticultural products, and analytical services like plant tissue analysis and disease diagnostics.

Together we offer an extensive portfolio of complementary services and products that are designed by experts in space optimization, facility management, and plant health and productivity. Growers who are transitioning to indoor facilities and / or vertical farming can benefit from technical and customer support on their new or redesigned grow rooms, from consultation to installation to long-term maintenance.

Spacesaver vertical racking and Hawthorne trays optimize space at a hydroponic farm in Manhattan.

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One contract, one price

The partnership allows growers to have one transaction with one price on mobile vertical cannabis racking, lighting, and additional systems.

Complementary Systems

All Hawthorne products integrate with GROW vertical racking systems to streamline workflows and improve plant health.

Mobile GROW Vertical Racking

Movable GROW vertical racking systems eliminate idle aisles and take full advantage of a facility’s vertical space. Every system is custom designed and manufactured to optimize space, promote plant growth, and provide a safe, comfortable place to work. Learn more about mobile vertical racking.

Lighting, Irrigation, and Other Systems

Growers looking for guidance and expert insight on lighting, irrigation, HVAC, and other systems can call on the Hawthorne Professional Technical Services Team. This group of horticulturists, biologists, soil scientists, engineers, and growers can draw on their decades of field and research experience to advise clients on the best systems and layouts for their facilities.

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Energy-efficient fixtures save energy and optimize plant performance

indoor farming hvac air control systems


Powerful and efficient air conditioners, fans, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers help establish an optimal growing environment

indoor farming grow tray


The best grow trays on the market streamline workflows and optimize growth.

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Hardware & Irrigation

Customizable pumps and fertigation systems deliver the right nutrients at the right time.

Grow More with Us

If you’re a grower who’s looking to take your operation to the next level, contact us to connect with your local Spacesaver consultants. They’ll work with you and your team to design the best vertical racking system for your space. If you need lighting and other systems, we can loop in Hawthorne to help you understand your options. Together we can grow your yields and your profits!

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