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HIGHlights from MJBizCon 2022

Providing a cross section and walkthrough of what we saw and heard in Vegas.

December 9th, 2022 - 3 min read

We’ve all seen it in movies and television. A suitor sits at the bottom of a staircase, eagerly waiting for their long-lost love to come into frame so they can take in every drop of the grand entrance. The unveiling is always glorious, everything they were looking for, and they live happily ever after.

This year at MJBizCon, Spacesaver had the opportunity to flip the script on attendees that had the pleasure of taking an iconic ride down the escalator from the second floor to the main attraction (a new product launch) in our booth.

So, sit back and relax as we tell you the fairytale story of Spacesaver’s trip to MJBizCon 2022, where we provided a grand reveal to some potential suitors of our own.

overhead few of the tradeshow floor at mjbiz 2022 with many attendees walking around

Setting the Stage

MJBizCon – the #1 global cannabis business conference and tradeshow – is held annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center and showcases over 1,400 exhibitors, nearly 320,000 SF of exhibit space, 140 speakers, and endless networking and partnership-building opportunities.

While attendance dipped over the past couple of years, this year’s show trended toward the 35,000-attendee mark that it traditionally attracts. Attendees comprised a mix of representatives from hands-on operations including cultivation, extraction/processing, manufacturing, and retail, as well as executives without direct contact with plants including entrepreneurs, inventors, start-ups, private equity investors and VCs.

attendees looking at the grow crosswalk at mjbiz 2023

The Pulse of the People

We’ll go into more detail about the ‘Belle of the Ball’ later, but first let’s take a look into what we saw and heard from the rest of this year’s party guests. Amongst the merrymakers of marijuana, the atmosphere was one celebrating the progress of 2022 and hope for continued growth in 2023. The advent of three new states becoming legalized (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota) and additional licenses being offered in already legalized states will bolster this hope and, provide an influx of demand for solutions to support growth.

The exhibit space was segmented according to the growing stage each respective company supported. One thing that was clear among attendees throughout the hall, was a driven search of knowledge about the solutions in front of them. In our neck of the woods, there were several new vendors (domestic and international) looking to stake their claim with cultivators testing the market. Some provided product presentations, others guided tours of their space and offerings, and more blended the two by allowing visitors to test their products firsthand.

GROW Crosswalk infosheet download preview

GROW Crosswalk

The GROW Crosswalk which was introduced at MJBizCon provides a better way to promote safe and ergonomic access to easier care for your plants and systems.  Download the info sheet to see how it works.

Our Supporting Cast

This year in Spacesaver’s booth you could find comprehensive cannabis solutions designed to accommodate a variety of feats of growth and provide the perfect fit for cultivators’ use from seed to sale.

Spacesaver’s lineup of GROW Mobile and Drying systems was in attendance and on full display for demonstration and use by our storage experts and attendees. Providing cultivators the ability to move seamlessly through all stages of the grow process with minimal handling, our lineup of indoor agriculture solutions is designed to minimize damage and waste; not to mention help them hit that production deadline before the clock strikes midnight.

The Grand Reveal

After months of anticipation, the latest addition to Spacesaver's GROW Mobile system lineup – the GROW Crosswalk – was revealed to the masses. Located between fully lit GROW Mobile carriages, prospects were drawn into our booth (located at the bottom of a main escalator) to look at the Crosswalk.

Designed to improve safety, efficiency, and access for cultivators servicing second-tier or higher plants and systems, the Crosswalk provides users with a raised working station that securely integrates with new and existing GROW uprights and can be utilized during all stages of indoor cultivation. Some attendees we spoke with liked the prospect of getting an entire system from veg to dry from one vendor, as it would make the purchasing process easier.

While the clock has struck on this year’s edition of MJBizCon, we look forward to continuing the story in the coming year. “Thank you, thank you so much, for everything.”

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