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3 Things We Learned at NCIA Cannabis Business Summit

A dive into the booming cannabis industry, the event, and our cannabis product offering.

January 24th, 2022 - 3 min read

The Event

From December 15th-17th, 2021, Spacesaver attended NCIA’s 7th Annual Cannabis Business Summit & Expo in San Francisco. This event hosted 80 educational seminars, exhibitors with incredibly innovative and exciting products, industry experts, and had a sensory experience called BLOOM where attendees could see, touch, and smell products from dozens of brands.

Through conversations with attendees at our booth and attending seminars including “A View of the Global Cannabinoid Market of Today and Tomorrow” – By BDSA (a cannabis market research firm), we were able to learn three major takeaways involving our newest product and states with mature or emerging markets.

cannabis business summit spacesaver grow systems and convention attendees

1. Our GROW Drying Systems Solve Problems People Didn’t Know They Had

Spacesaver has become an industry leader in providing cannabis cultivation grow systems. With our reputation for our GROW Systems being so high, attendees were happily surprised to see our newest product, the GROW Drying Systems. They immediately envisioned the value-added that could come from implementing them into their facility. They could see how the Drying Racks would be a more secure way to hang the plants, and how the Drying Carts are a protective way to transport the plants from one area of the facility to the other.

Prior to seeing our Drying System, several attendees did not think of their drying problems, such as fallen flowers and terpenes. With our catch trays, no plant material will be lost. Attendees loved how adjusting the density of the plants while drying by changing the distance between the T-Bars based on the clipping’s length. They were also blown away by how much time they could save, and how easy it was to move multiple plants by using the vertical post. With each vertical bar having six to eight plants hanging from the T-Bars, moving dozens of plants can now be moved in seconds rather than minutes!

2. Mature Cannabis Markets Are Still Growing

With mature markets like California, Colorado, and Oregon, which have been legal for adult use for years now, it is easy to assume there has been little growth in the past year. However, what we learned from BDSA is that this is not the case. From their market research, they have found there has been revenue growth due to increased cannabis use by adults in these states. In these mature markets, 43% adults consumed cannabis in some form from January through June in 2021, increasing from 39% in 2020. BDSA predicts that these mature markets will continue to have sustained year-over-year growth of 20-40% over the next five years.

vertical grow racking cannabis business summit

If you are a cultivator in one of these states and are just meeting demand, now is the time to start preparing for the increased demand in the coming years. If you want to grow more and upgrade your facility, start by looking at our Cannabis Vertical Grow System. Our GROW Mobile Systems optimizes your grow space by allowing for multiple levels of growing area and increasing the current number of aisles.

See for yourself why Spacesaver is the best choice in indoor cultivation by requesting a live video walkthrough with one of our team members. Request Video.

(Walkthrough Preview)

3. The Rise of Emerging Markets

In 2022, emerging markets through legislation including, Montana and Connecticut, and states that may potentially legalize soon, will help make the cannabis industry a 60-billion-dollar industry by 2026, according to BDSA. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or someone passionate about cannabis, the cannabis industry is a fantastic industry to begin getting involved in. If you are in a state that will be looking to legalize cannabis further and want to start cultivating but are stuck on the next steps to take, reach out to us! With local help in your area and our products, we can help create a plan from quoting, to the timeline to install our efficient growing and drying systems.

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