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your yield &

Grow - Compact Canopy Systems

your profits.

Complete commercial cannabis solutions to help you save space, save time, and increase profits.

Cannabis Vertical Grow System

GROW your yields and GROW your profits.

Optimize your grow areas and drying rooms with mobile vertical racking. Our complete systems help you save space, save time, and increase profits.

The GROW Mobile System eliminates wasted aisle space and allows for multiple levels of growing area. By maximizing space, reducing energy use, and improving efficiency, this mobile vertical racking technology helps create better places to work and grow.

  • More plants in the same space
  • Lower cost per plant
  • Safe, comfortable working conditions for every tier

Go Vertical

Gain even more canopy with multiple tiers that can be easily accessed with the GROW Crosswalk.

spacesaver grow activrac 3m vertical racking system with crosswalk

Eliminate Wasted Aisle Space

Aisles open when and where you need them.

Growing together from the ground up

Our cannabis vertical grow system consists of 3 main components: rails, carriages, and vertical racking or shelving.

1. Vertical Racking

Constructed of heavy-duty steel, GROW vertical racking is designed to provide stable, long-term support for plants and accessories. Welded horizontal bracing ensures stability while also providing a large opening for lighting, ventilation, and other systems.

Vertical Racking Details

2. Carriages

As the interface between rails and racking, carriages house patented mechanisms that allow staff to safely move thousands of pounds with minimal effort. Our carriages are cross-braced for smooth and consistent operation, so GROW Mobile Systems can extend up to 60 feet long and bear loads up to 3,000 pounds per carriage section.

Mobile System Details

Get the Revit files on BIMobject

3. Accessories

Offering a range of optional accessories to provide a seamless way to integrate lighting, ventilation, irrigation, and other systems throughout your grow operation. In addition, the GROW Crosswalk allows users to access second-tier or higher plants safely and easily.

See all your options

4. Rails

Rail systems guide GROW carriages to optimize space and provide access to aisles. Choose from a variety of rail options to transform your grow room design.

Download for Details

grow vertical mobile system spacesaver feature

Understand your options. Our GROW Mobile System guide explains how components and accessories work together to create efficient growing environments.

download vertical grow brochure

Cannabis Drying System

Preserve plant quality with one-touch harvest and drying.
Our cannabis drying system helps preserve plant quality by minimizing handling. Fewer touches means fewer crushed or disturbed leaves and buds.


cannabis indoor farming harvest


cannabis indoor farming transport


cannabis indoor farming drying system

Raise the Bar

The concept is simple: Hang plants once and they remain in place during harvest, transport, and drying.

drying rack cart spacesaver grow

download grow drying brochure

Our GROW Drying System brochure outlines how everything works together to make one complete system.

Setting you up for success

vertical moving indoor grow systems

Quality & Durability

Tens of thousands of Spacesaver systems have been in continual use for decades.

Local Expertise & Experience

With distributors in major cities throughout North America, we offer personalized space-planning assistance by knowledgeable consultants and long-term service by factory-certified technicians.


Our anti-tip rail technology, welded uprights, and safety locks help create the safest and most ergonomic indoor grow rooms.

Customized for you

Every commercial cannabis grow room design is different, so we design and manufacture your GROW systems based on your needs.

Complete Solutions

Integrate your new or existing lighting, ventilation, and other systems.

grow mobile system product presentation

Virtual Product Presentation

We can help you understand indoor growers’ biggest challenges and how our GROW Mobile systems help overcome them.

Take advantage of one stop cannabis solutions from

Spacesaver Corporation


Hawthorne Gardening Co

Our partnership with Hawthorne Gardening Company brings you:

Go behind the scenes

2-tier cannabis warehouse grow facility

“Spacesaver was a little more expensive but provided a lot more support.”

– Joshua King

Strong partnerships tripled the canopy area in this converted warehouse cannabis grow facility.

“The Spacesaver racks work very well, and they save a ton of space.”

– Chris Durbin

vertical grow room racks

See how mobile grow racks for medical cannabis created 4 levels of canopy in an Oregon grow.

“Our goal is to maximize our space — and we’ve been able to do it with Spacesaver’s help.”

– General Manager, Cannabis Grow Facility

cannabis grow employees

This medical cannabis cultivation facility installed the GROW Mobile System to gain higher yields in its grow rooms.

medical cannabis multi-tier grow facility

“Our footprint is absolutely maximized. We’re using our space as efficiently as possible.”

– Geoffrey Korff, Galenas founder and CEO

An Ohio medical cannabis cultivation facility quadrupled its canopy area while staying within state-mandated square footage.

Ready to GROW more? Connect with the experts.

When you’re ready to take your cannabis grow facility to the next level, contact us to get started on optimized layouts and other design plans.

With distributors in major cities across the U.S. and Canada, we have knowledgeable cannabis consultants and factory-certified service crews near you. Contact us to get started.

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