Beer Keg Storage

A New Look For Beer Keg Storage

One large beer distributor located in the Midwest had expanded to include a cold storage room, which is approximately 4,500 square feet to accommodate for the rise of popular craft brews that was being added to the distribution. But like many other distributors who have added new craft beers, wines or ciders to their sales, their warehouse floors and storage shelving is overcrowded and has to be rearranged on a daily basis.

“I would tell anyone to get this system.”

– General Manager of Operations

Cold Storage Solution for Pallets of Beer

Beer Distributing Center Keg Storage

Beer Storage on Powered Mobile Racking in a Cooler

The problem with efficiency for many beer keg storage warehouses isn’t the lack of space in general or the increase of new product but how it is being stored altogether. There are alternatives to traditional pallet racking that will allow you to improve operational efficiency of your beer keg storage. ActivRAC 16P from Spacesaver increased the storage capacity within the cold storage room almost 100%, it can now store up to 7,000 kegs and employees can easily maneuver in and out of the aisles with a forklift.

“The SKUs have basically doubled over the last three years, craft beer is exploding.”

– General Manager of Operations

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